Announcing the CPT Japan Premier Event: Ultra Hyakkishu Cup!

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the CPT Japan Premier event will be the recently announced Ultra Hyakkishu Cup!

Taking place on Oct 17 (SAT) at the Tokyo Big Site TFT Hall, Japan’s best players will be duking it out for a 1 million yen prize pot and that coveted Capcom Cup spot. The tournament is free to enter, so anyone who thinks they have a shot of taking down the best Japan has to offer should enter!

Tournament Details: Ultra Hyakkishu Cup

* Date: October 17, 2015 (SAT)

* Location: Tokyo Big Site TFT Hall (Ariake)

* Prize Money:

o 1st: 1 million yen, Special Arcade Title, Capcom Cup Guaranteed Spot (CPT Premier Event)

o 2nd: 100,000 yen

o Best 8: 10,000 yen

o Special Award: 30,000 yen (2 players)

* Additional Prizes

o Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Points * Website: