Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final Results

The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final took place over two days on February 20th and 21st. The event featured a series of prize fights among the 20 players that qualified for Capcom Cup 2020 as well as four others invited to compete. There were 12 separate fights which pit pairs of players from the same region against one another with 6 fights taking place on each day. It was an exciting event with some of the Capcom Pro Tour’s biggest names taking part in some truly thrilling Street Fighter V: Champion Edition matches!

The event is now over and we have the final results. Check back to over the coming days for a full recap. If you missed the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final 2020 and want to watch it on demand you can find it at the Capcom Fighters YouTube channel using the links here : Day One, Day Two.


Player Character Result Player Character Score
GO RB|Luffy R.Mika defeated NVD|Phenom Karin 4-1
Nephew Kolin defeated Samurai Akuma 4-2
DS|Somniac M.Bison defeated GG|Rumours Cody 4-3
CJ Truth Cammy defeated DR Mandrake Urien 4-0
ALUS|Vxbao Urien defeated iG|Jiewa Akuma 4-2
SHODOWN|Jah_Lexe Rashid defeated Pikoro M.Bison 4-1


Player Character Result Player Character Score
RAZER|Xian Seth defeated SKZ Seth 4-0
NASR|Big Bird G defeated NASR|AngryBird Seth/Ibuki 4-1
BANDITS|MenaRD Karin/Birdie defeated BANDITS|Caba Guile 4-2
Takamura Akuma defeated BST|Infexious Zeku 4-2
iDom Laura/Poison defeated RISE|Smug G 4-3
MILDOM BST|Daigo Guile defeated RED BULL|Gachikun Rashid 4-1