CEO This Weekend & New Ranking Events

The Capcom Pro Tour has been getting bigger and better with every passing month and we’re only half way through the tournament season. The recent release of Ultra Street Fighter IV has many new players coming out of the shadows, eager to prove themselves on the scene, while earning ever valuable CPT ranking points.

What better way for these new players to come out and show their talents than at these new ranking events being added to the CPT? Check out the full list below!

First Attack
Cidra, Puerto Rico
Aug 16~17

Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 13~14

Game Expo Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Oct 4~5

We aren’t done yet though, with plenty more events in the works. Check back frequently for more announcements!

The next premier event of the Capcom Pro Tour takes place in Orlando, Florida at CEO this weekend! The winner not only gets a large share of the $2,000 pot bonus provided by Capcom and Twitch, but a guaranteed spot to the Capcom Cup this December. All the action will be streamed on according to the stream schedule below:

Saturday 10AM~5PM: Pools
Saturday 6:30PM~Finish: Top 32~Top 16
Sunday 6PM~Finish: Top 16