The Colosseum 2017 Live Stream and Event Information

Colosseum 2017

One of the Ranking Events taking place this weekend is The Colosseum 2017, which takes place in Rome, Italy from May 6th through 7th. Top players expected to attend include popular Guile player from the UK ImStillDaDaddy, MD|Mister Crimson from France, Mousesports|Problem X also from the UK, RB|Bonchan from Japan, RB|Luffy from France and more! You can find all the information you need to watch it all live on stream below, so be sure to tune in!

Official Website:

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

SPK BlindWarriorSven
ShiacciSempre ImStillDaDaddy
ZOWIE|Oil King Mr. Wolf
Pups Sean2dgod
Atrosh Brick
ECV|Hiruko X6tence|DAZ
MD|MisterCrimson Millenium|Will2Pac
Infused|Shakz Mouseseports|Problem X
Afii RB|Bonchan
RB|Luffy NASR|Big Bird

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Rome Italy) Japan
Pools (Saturday) 3:45AM – 9:30AM 6:45AM – 12:30PM 12:45PM – 6:30PM 1:45AM (Sun) – 7:30PM (Sun)
SF5 (Sunday) 3AM – 8AM 6AM – 11AM 12PM – 5PM 7PM (Sun) – 12AM (Mon)
Grand Finals (Sunday) Starts 8:45AM Starts 11:45AM Start 5:45PM Starts 12:45AM (Mon)

Live Stream

(Commentators: Damascus and Tyrant)
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