Dreamhack Summer 2017 Results: Japan’s YOUDEAL|Yukadon Wins! Update: Highlights!

Header photo by Stephanie Lindgren.

Dreamhack Summer 2017 Results

Dreamhack Summer 2017, held in Jonkoping, Sweden from June 17th through 18th, is in the books and Japan’s YOUDEAL|Yukadon has taken 1st place! Taiwan’s ZOWIE|Oil King continues has fantastic year with a 2nd place finish. Japan’s DNG|Itabashi Zangief, also having a great year, spinning pile-drivered his way into 3rd place! We will have more on Dreamhack Summer 2017 soon, but for now let’s take a look at the full Dreamhack Summer 2017 results!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from Dreamhack Summer 2017!

Dreamhack Summer 2017 Results: Top 64

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st YOUDEAL|Yukadon Ibuki 400
2nd ZOWIE|Oil King Rashid 250
3rd DNG|Itabashi Zangief Zangief 200
4th Scarz|Sako Akuma 160
5th NASR|Big Bird Ken 130
5th Brick Zangief 130
7th BX3|Phenom Necalli 100
7th SaltyKid R.Mika 100
9th ZOWIE|GamerBee Necalli/Cammy 70
9th MD|Mister Crimson Dhalsim/Laura 70
9th Method|Packz Karin/Rashid 70
9th Mousesports|CCL Cammy 70
13th 96Cafe|Gondo Birdie 40
13th CO|Go1 Chun-Li/Ibuki 40
13th Mago Karin/Rashid 40
13th IND|Ixion Nash 40
17th Rotbah Urien 20
17th Cobelcog Cammy 20
17th Talon|Xiaobao Necalli/Vega 20
17th RB|Luffy R.Mika 20
17th ZOWIE|Achorawl Alex 20
17th YBK|Daikoku Go Birdie 20
17th Atrosh Birdie 20
25th Rikkmeister Laura 10
25th Mr. MagicLove Balrog 10
25th FH|Jimmy Penguin Urien 10
25th DarkVirus Alex 10
25th Likeabird Laura 10
25th FH|Mike R.Mika 10
33rd Mark of the Sean 5
33rd Staffan Remes 5
33rd GT M.Bison 5
33rd Fudgeems 5
33rd Zykkspool 5
33rd Rikkimanjaro 5
41st Slitvarg 1
41st StylishDD 1
41st ButtonDasher 1
41st Slirig 1
41st Percival 1

Dreamhack Summer 2017 Highlights

Dreamhack Summer 2017 was held in Jonkoping, Sweden from June 17th through 18th. As a Premier Event it was able to draw players from around the world to compete. Here we will highlight just a few of the standout matches and players from the event. For more match videos from Dreamhack Summer 2017, please visit the videos page on this site.

Brick vs BX3|Phenom in Top 8

Norway’s BX3|Phenom, who won Dreamhack Summer last season, faces off against Sweden’s Brick in an incredibly exciting match with constantly shifting momentum in which the winner was decided by a final win or lose gamble by Brick! Brick put on his best Premier Event performance here defeating top players such as Japan’s Mago, UK’s Method|Packz and here BX3|Phenom to take 5th place.

DNG|Itabashi Zangief

Zangief is one of those characters that always elevates the hype before the first punch is thrown, and with Japan’s DNG|Itabashi Zangief in control of the character the hype is even greater. When most other Zangief loyalists were faltering last year, it was Itabashi Zangief who seemed to pick up the torch to show everyone how it’s done. Zangief has made a big comeback this season, and Itabashi Zangief is once again at the forefront as one of the best Zangief players in the world. This year he has had three Top 8 finishes at Premier Events, taking 7th at Final Round, 2nd at Ultimate Fighting Arena, and now 3rd here at Dreamhack Summer. Currently sitting at 12th place on the Global Ranking Leaderboard as of this writing, he is almost assured a spot at Capcom Cup this year.

Below is Itabashi Zangief’s match against Japan’s Scarz|Sako in Losers Semi-Finals, a fun match to watch.

ZOWIE|Oil King

Taiwan’s ZOWIE|Oil King has decided to do a lot more traveling this year and it has been paying off, as he is having a phenomenal 2017 season. As of this writing he is in 10th place on the CPT Global Leaderboard with a 5th place finish at BAM 9 and now a 2nd place finish here at Dreamhack for Premier Event finishes (among others) as well as top 8 placements in three different Ranking Events. Oil King defeated an impressive list of players including France’s RB|Luffy, Japan’s Scarz|Sako, and Japan’s YOUDEAL|Yukadon. His only losses at this event were taken in the two set Grand Finals against the aforementioned Yukadon, who reset the bracket and ultimately took 1st place.

The match below is against Japan’s Scarz|Sako in Top 8. It was a great match that came down to the last round.


Japan’s YOUDEAL|Yukadon put on his best performance of the season so far at Dreamhack, only losing to ZOWIE|Oil King in Winners Finals. During his run he defeated players including Taiwan’s ZOWIE|GamerBee, UAE’s NASR|Big Bird, and Japan’s DNG|Itabashi Zangief. He would go on to get the runback against ZOWIE|Oil King in Grand Finals with much different results (see below). Yukadon is now ranked 7th on the CPT Global Leaderboards and is likely to have enough points to earn a spot at Capcom Cup this year with plenty of season left ahead.

Below is a very close match with United Arab Emirates’ NASR|Big Bird in Top 8.

Grand Finals: ZOWIE|Oil King vs YOUDEAL|Yukadon

With Oil King playing Rashid and Yukadon playing Ibuki, both being aggressive characters, you knew going into this Grand Finals that it was going to have lots of action. The match didn’t disappoint in that regard, but ultimately it was a one sided affair on the scoreboard. Yukadon won both sets convincingly (3-0 and 3-1) to take 1st place at Dreamhack Summer 2017.

Capcom’s Top 5 Moments from Dreamhack Summer 2017

Here are Capcom’s Top 5 moments from the event!