EGX 2017: Live Stream and Event Information

EGX 2017

On September 22-24 the amazing EGX CPT Premier returns! EGX 2017, held in Birmingham, England from September 22nd through 24th, will be drawing players from around the world in search of CPT points! Not only are many of Europe’s best players participating, but players from China and Japan are also making the trip to take part in this epic Premier Event! Make sure you watch one of the greatest EU events on the circuit! Watch all of the thrilling matches as they happen by tuning in to the live stream below!

Official Website:

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (Names in No Particular Order, Alphabetical by Nationality):

Epsilon|Takamura_B Belgium
Mousesports|CCL Belgium
Millenium|Will2Pac Belgium
PandaTV|Jiewa China
Method RB|Luffy France
Prophecy|Akainu France
MD|MisterCrimson France
Method|Cobelcog Ireland
CO|Go1 Japan
Mago Japan
Gachikun Japan
Ponos|Moke Japan
ECV|Hiruko Netherlands
Epsilon|Brick Sweden
Epsilon|Atrosh Sweden
LaDOSE|AkramVVVV Switzerland
NASR|Big Bird United Arab Emirates
Mousesports|Problem X United Kingdom
Infused|ImStillDaDaddy United Kingdom
Infused|Afii United Kingdom
Method|Packz United Kingdom
xL|Brian United Kingdom
Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) United Kingdom

Brackets can be found here:

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Birmingham England)
Pools (Friday) 3AM – 11AM 6AM – 2PM 11AM – 7PM
Pools (Saturday) 3AM – 11AM 6AM – 2PM 11AM – 7PM
Top 32 (Sunday) Starts 3AM Starts 6AM Starts 11AM
Top 8 (Sunday) Starts 6:30AM Starts 9:30AM Starts 2:30PM


Live Stream

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