FFM Rumble 10: Live Stream and Event Information

FFM Rumble 10

FFM Rumble 10, held in Frankfurt, Germany from May 19th through 21st, is one of four Ranking Events taking place around the world this weekend! Many top players from across Europe are taking part including RB|Luffy, BX3|Phenom, Mousesports|Problem X, NASR|Big Bird and more!

From the Organizers:

FFM-Rumble is organized by the german FGC HardEdge.org and
for the third time is part of the Capcom Pro Tour. It is the main German FGC Event since 2009. This year is the 10th anniversary of FFM-Rumble!

Official Website:  https://rumble.hardedge.org/

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

Takamura_B RB|Luffy
RIZE|Brian Brick
Ryan Hart Millenium|Will2Pac
BX3|Phenom Mousesports|Problem X
Mousesports|CCL Cobelcog
Atrosh Packz
NASR|Big Bird MD|Mister Crimson
Akainu ECV|Hiruko

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Germany) Japan
Pools (Saturday) 4AM – 8AM 7AM – 11AM 1PM – 5PM 8PM (Sat) – 12AM (Sun)
Pools to Top 8 (Saturday) 9AM – 12PM 12PM – 3PM 6PM – 9PM 1AM (Sun) – 4AM (Sun)
Top 8 (Saturday) 12PM – 2PM 3PM – 5PM 9PM – 11PM 4AM (Sun) – 6AM (Sun)

Live Stream

Commentators: Damascus and UM Tyrant