Fighter’s Spirit 2017 Live Stream and Event Information

Fighter’s Spirit 2017

This is an exciting weekend for Ranking Events here in the Capcom Pro Tour. One of the events taking place is Fighter’s Spirit 2017, which takes place in Seoul, Korea on May 6th. The biggest headline here is that Korea’s RZR|Infiltration is expected to compete. He hasn’t been active in the Pro Tour this season until now, so it will be exciting to see what he has up his sleeve! Top Korean players Save, Poongko and XYZZY will also be there as well as some Japanese players including ECHO FOX|Momochi and Mago.

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Social Media
twitter @spiritzer0

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

Save RZR|Infiltration
Poongko XYZZY
ECHO FOX|Momochi ECHO FOX|ChocoBlanka
Verloren Mago

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Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern UK Local (Seoul Korea)
Fighter's Spirit 2017 (Saturday) Starts 9PM (Fri) Starts 12AM (Sat) Starts 5AM (Sat) Starts 1PM (Sat)

Live Stream

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