Latest Ranking Event Results from PAX Prime and More

View the latest Ranking tournament results that happened last weekend!

With top players from all around the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada in attendance, PAX was packed with USFIV action. SRKUW Fawwaz showed why is considered one of the best by in the Northwest when he sent EG|Balrog to losers in their winners round match. After making it back through a series of close calls, EG|PR Balrog was able to avenge his loss by eliminating SRKUW Fawwaz upon their second meeting. EG|Justin Wong however was able to take the event adding yet another ranking event to his ever impressive list of victories.

PAX Prime Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG|Justin Wong Rufus 128
2nd EG|PR Balrog Balrog/E.Ryu/Yun 64
3rd SRKUW Fawwaz C.Viper 32
4th CCG|Clim Zangief/Elena 16
5th Benson Burner Blanka 8
5th Duncan Vega 8
7th M1nica Chun-Li 4
7th Dean of Games Guy 4
9th JW Zangief 2
9th Long Tran Rose 2
9th GG|Sherryjenix C.Viper 2
9th YabukiStyle Yang 2
13th Dickson Yang 1
13th CCG|Air Ryu 1
13th WCRolento 1
13th F3 Masters E.Ryu 1

Ciber Olimpicos threw their second USFIV Tournament in Costa Rica, this one taking place at the San Pedro Mall. Defending champion TCCR|Nano was defeated by Bebedero who was the runner up during the last Ciber Olimpicos tournament. Is this the start of a new rivalry? With more events scheduled to come in the future, it will be interesting to see if these two will continue to trade victories or if a new challenger will appear.

Ciber Olimpicos, San Pedro Mall Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Bebedero Zangief/E.Honda 128
2nd TCCR|Nano Cammy/Balrog 64
3rd CH|andyenigma E.Ryu/Ken 32
4th Juatriro Blanka/DeeJay 16
5th Jimmy Blanka/M.Bison 8
5th TCCR|Kike Abel/Vega 8
7th Berzack Cody/Rose 4
7th Ars Guy/Sagat/Dhalsim 4
9th Aeon Aeon E.Ryu/Ryu/Adon 2
9th Atenanegra DeeJay/T.Hawk 2
9th Ken Masters CR Ken/Oni 2
9th Pandora Chun-Li/Cammy 2
13th GOJ1980 Blanka/Guile 1
13th Chusestoa Blanka/Makoto 1
13th OF Juan Dudley/E.Ryu 1
13th TCCR|Randy Chun-Li/Juri 1

Shadowloo Showdown continues its tradition of being one of the most stacked tournaments in the pan pacific region. With nothing but world class levels player present, this year’s Shadowloo Showdown was truly up for grabs. DIG|Ryan Hart fought his way back through a difficult losers bracket, with extremely close matches with Australia’s own Shang Tsung and Saudi Arabia’s Latif. After making his way past them however, his luck ran out as AVM|Gamerbee was able to defeat and become this year’s Shadowloo Showdown champion.

Shadowloo Showdown Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st AVM|Gamerbee Adon/Elena 128
2nd DIG|Ryan Hart Sagat/Yun 64
3rd Latif C.Viper 32
4th Shang Tsung M.Bison 16
5th RF Poison 8
5th Yoro Adon 8
7th KDIT|Ren Ibuki 4
7th Shirou Abel 4
9th MOR Rico Suave Abel 2
9th Dan Ryu 2
9th Falco Zangief 2
9th Carnage Cammy/Rolento/Adon 2
13th DB|Somniac M.Bison 1
13th Shungoku Neurosis M.Bison 1
13th Filipino Champ Dhalsim 1
13th Renzuo Chun-Li 1

Hot off of their last event in which foreign invader MCZ|Daigo was able to take home the win, the best players once again came together to defend their home turf with the challenger being Singapore’s own RZR|Xian. Although many tried, ultimately it was Hong Kong native Huanlin who stepped up and took out RZR|Xian, taking home 1st place honors, leaving RZR|Xian in 2nd place. Rounding out the top 3 was Humanbomb, who finished in the same spot as the last HK ESports tournament.

HK ESports Showdown Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Huanlin Ibuki 128
2nd RZR|Xian Poison/Gen 64
3rd Humanbomb Poison/Sakura 32
4th Karhon Lo Balrog 16
5th Blade Ryu Poison/Rose/Akuma 8
5th URSF|Sheep M.Bison 8
7th URSF|Gameouttt Guile 4
7th Kawing Cammy/Yun 4
9th Bosco Cammy/Elena 2
9th Chris Wong Ken 2
9th Sherman Lo Vega 2
9th Leo Tse Ibuki 2
13th Cody P Ryu 1
13th Mavon Lee Cody1
13th Pui Wong Abel/Makoto 1
13th Wa Ping Tse Chun/Elena/Decapre 1