NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 Results: PG|Punk Takes 1st Place! Update: Highlights!

Asia/Oceania Regional Finals: South East Asia Major 2017 Results

NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017, held in Boston, MA, USA from November 18th through 19th, is over PG|Punk has won yet another event. This is Punk’s third Premier Event win this season as well as winning four Ranking Events and earning 2nd place at EVO 2017. He will be going into Capcom Cup 2017 this December with the number 1 seed. Idom took 2nd place and RISE|Smug took 3rd place. Now let’s take a look at the full NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 Results results for top 8 and the top 16 for the Last Chance Qualifier.

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NA Regional Finals: Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 Results: Top 8 (Note: Only the 1st Place Finisher is awarded points. See Rules page for details)

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st PG|Punk Karin 400
2nd Idom Laura
3rd RISE|Smug Balrog
4th Liquid|NuckleDu Guile/R.Mika
5th 801 Strider Laura
5th Brian_F Balrog
7th BxA|THE COOL KID93 Abigail/Rashid
7th ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Karin/Ed

Last Chance Qualifier Results: Top 16 (Note: No CPT points are awarded for Last Chance Qualifier. See Rules page for details)

Placing Handle Characters
1st BxA|THE COOL KID93 Abigail
2nd Circa|WolfKrone Laura/Zeku
3rd Neon Kolin
4th SB|JB (2) Rashid
5th XSK Samurai Akuma
5th GeneralKills F.A.N.G.
7th UpToSnuff Necalli
7th Eric C F.A.N.G.
9th OG|Shine Ibuki
9th Tempo|Alex Myers Cammy
9th Circa|LPN M.Bison
9th CoinUp|Ogyawn Laura
13th Chadalw01 R.Mika
13th EG|K-Brad Cammy
13th Tampa Bison M.Bison
13th BFGC|Awhile Akuma

NA Regional Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds Highlights

Three players had the opportunity to earn an automatic qualifying spot to Capcom Cup at NA Regional Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds that didn’t have enough points to qualify. Idom and Brian_F earned their way into the NA Regional Finals by being among the top 7 spots on the NA Regional Leaderboard. BxA|THE COOL KID93 won the Last Chance Qualifier at the event and joined them. Outside of the Last Chance Qualifier at Capcom Cup 2017 itself, this event represented the last chance for these players. Had one of these three players won it would also have pushed Japan’s Scarz|Sako, who is sitting at the 31st position on the Global Leaderboard, out of Capcom Cup contention.

Those hopes were dashed as PG|Punk won the event, extending his first place points lead on the Global Leaderboard. Punk will go into Capcom Cup 2017 with the number one seed. It will also certainly help that he’s going into one of the fiercest competitions of the year fresh off another win. It’s also worth noting that Punk stepped into the Capcom Pro Tour limelight at Red Bull Battle Grounds last year where he took 3rd place. He took that placement very hard emotionally, so it is has to be satisfying to get the win at the same event a year later.

One of the breakout surprises of Red Bull Battle Grounds this year is BxA|THE COOL KID93, who won the Last Chance Qualifier at the event to earn his way into the NA Regional Finals. His Abigail play thrilled onlookers as he took out opponent after opponent with high damage combos. After being put into Losers Bracket very early by Tampa Bison, he crushed 10 opponents to get to the Grand Finals where he decisively defeated Circa|Wolfkrone (see below). He’s got a humble demeanor and a very supportive wife that cheers him on from the crowd. THE COOL KID93 earned 7th place at the Finals but we’re sure to see more of him in the 2018 season.

Now let’s take a look at a few highlight matches from the NA Regional Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017.

BxA|THE COOL KID93 vs Circa|Wolfkrone in Last Chance Qualifier Grand Finals

BxA|THE COOL KID93 and his Abigail was impressing fans throughout his run through the Losers Bracket. When he reached Grand Finals he faced off against Circa|Wolfkrone, who had made it through the Winners Bracket with some great Laura play. This Grand Finals was pretty much the THE COOL KID93 show as his Abigail repeatedly cornered and dismantled Wolfkrone’s Laura. THE COOL KID93, coming from the Losers Bracket, had to win two sets to earn 1st place and he did just that. He defeated Wolfkrone 3-1 in the first set and 3-0 to win. Wolfkrone had flashes of momentum here and there but they were infrequent and short-lived. With this win at the Last Chance Qualifier, THE COOL KID93 would move on to join the other seven players in the NA Regional Finals the next day.

PG|Punk vs BxA|THE COOL KID93 in NA Regional Finals

Due to seeding, BXA|THE COOL KID93’s first match of the NA Regional Finals was against PG|Punk, the current leader in Global Leaderboard points and considered by most to be the best player in the world at this point. Punk struck first taking the first match and going up 1-0. After the match he beamed with his characteristic smile. THE COOL KID93 then went on a rampage, knocking Punk back into the corner and locking him down with attacks and throws, and tied it up 1-1. THE COOL KID93 won the first round of match 3 with a perfect and then won the next round to take a 1-2 lead. After this match Punk’s smile was gone, replaced by what looked to be concerned chin-scratching. Punk went into match 4 making some adjustments, getting in closer and staying on offense hoping to overwhelm Abigail’s defense. It worked out well and Punk went on to win the next two matches to win the set 3-2. THE COOL KID93 had stood toe to toe with the best player in the world and had a real shot at pulling off the upset. This is a great match to show not only THE COOL KID93’s skill and composure but also Punk’s ability to adapt under pressure, which is one of the reasons he’s on top.

Idom vs RISE|Smug in NA Regional Finals

Idom had only started traveling for events over the last few months and he has done well this season. He took 1st place at Defend the North in late July, 3rd at Summer Jam in mid-August, 4th at East Coast Throwdown in early September and 1st at the NA Online Ranking Event in October. In this match he faced off against RISE|Smug, a crowd favorite Balrog player whose skill is only matched by his jovial personality. Smug won the first two matches. Idom, wisely, took a break after the second match and lingered on the player select screen to gather his thoughts and think of adjustments. Idom went on to win the next 3 matches to win 3-2 and move on to Winners Finals.

PG|Punk vs Idom in Winners Finals for NA Regional Finals

Idom won the first two games against Punk in Winners Finals. He was actually on set point when Punk pulled out a win in the third game. You could see the relief on Punk’s face after that match and his usual self-assured confidence restored. After that third match the momentum pendulum swung almost completely in Punk’s direction and he would go on to win the next 3 matches to send Idom to the Losers Bracket.

PG|Punk vs Idom in Grand Finals for the NA Regional Finals

Punk met Idom again in Grand Finals but it seemed like Punk had Idom’s number. The Grand Finals wasn’t as lop-sided as the score might suggest as Idom did have flashes of success here and there. This was most evident in the third and final match where Idom really made Punk work hard for it. At the very end the scrambles were so intense that Punk even missed a Critical Art. Punk would go on to win Grand Finals 3-0 and win Red Bull Battle Grounds. Next stop is Capcom Cup 2017 on December 8th through 10th.

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