New Capcom Pro Tour DLC For 2021, New Stage, Costumes and More Available on March 18th

A new year brings a new Capcom Pro Tour season and a new CPT DLC package.

This year’s CPT DLC package includes new costumes for G, Seth and a mystery costume to be revealed later. Also included is the new Ring of Galaxy Stage. All content except for the third and final costume will be available March 18.

Capcom Pro Tour Costumes
• Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Costume: G – $5.99/€5.99/£4.99/¥600
• Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Costume: Seth – $5.99/€5.99/£4.99/¥600
• One additional costume to be revealed later

New Capcom Pro Tour Stage (Ring of Galaxy) – $9.99/€9.99/£7.99/¥1,000

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Premier Pass – $19.99/€19.99/£15.99/¥2,000

Includes the items listed above, as well as:
• New color for all 45 characters
• 5 Exclusive Titles
• 2 Exclusive Fighter Profile Themes
• A bonus of 10,000 Fight Money