New Ranking Events

The Capcom Pro Tour is happy to announce the inclusion of 4 more ranking events in this year’s circuit!

2nd HK Esports Tournament

Hong Kong
Aug 31

Following a successful inaugural tournament, where Daigo Umehara emerged victorious, HK Esports has returned with their 2nd event on the CPT circuit. Now that the Hong Kong scene is back on the map, look for even more competitors to throw their hat into the ring for this upcoming event.

Information on this tournament can be found at the official website here, and all the action can be caught live on Twitch here.

Mad Catz TGS Tournament

Mad Catz
Tokyo, Japan
Sep 21

One of the toughest tournaments in the world returns! Featuring nothing but high level Japanese players, Mad Catz is once again bringing the hype to the Tokyo Game Show. With the entire Mad Catz team of Daigo, Tokido, and Mago in attendance, expect this event to be one of the highlights of the year.

Info and registration details for this tournament can be found here.

Saigon Cup

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sep 27

Hosted by the Vietnam Street Fighter community, the Saigon Cup is the country’s premier tournament. Players from all over Southeast Asia will be in attendance, including Singapore’s Leslie, and Malaysia’s top players Andy and Chuan.

Info and registration details for this tournament can be found here. The live stream can be viewed here.


Oslo, Norway
Oct 2~5

GIGACON is a gaming festival which expects 15.000 visitors and 3200 LAN participants over four days and is taking place at the largest multifunction venue in Norway: the Telenor Arena in Oslo. Street Fighter has a long history and a close-knitted community in Norway and the players there are looking forward to making their mark on the world stage. EVO 2014 champion, Luffy, is already confirmed to be in attendance for the event, so expect the competition to be fierce!

For more information on the tournament, please visit their official website.