Nine States Tournament 2015 Match Videos

Nine States Tournament 2015 was a great event with some top tier players from Korea and Japan.  We’ve featured four matches which stood out, each in its own unique way.

There are more match videos at the ToughcookieTV Youtube channel here, including a great 5 on 5 tournament which was not live streamed.

The event’s final results can be found here.

Winner’s Semi-Finals: /r/Kappa|Poongko vs YBK|Shiro

Youtube is full of match videos where Poongko completely dominates the competition. However, Shiro’s Abel puts Poongko to the test and the result is a very close match with lots of twists and turns. Shiro ends up on top, sending Poonko to the Loser’s bracket.

Winners Quarter Finals: /r/Kappa|Infiltration vs Misse

It’s a real treat to see a first-class Makoto player like Misse in a match. Put Misse up against Infiltration’s Decapre, with a very hard to handle hit and run strategy, and it was wild from beginning to end. The face-off at the 3:35 second mark was tense.

Loser Quarter Finals: Nishikin vs Inco

Blanka is a rare character to see in top level play, and Nishikin’s is one of the best. Inco’s Rufus was up for the challenge and displayed some often psychic reactions with Snake Strike.

Winner Quarter Finals: Kindo vs YBK|Shiro

Speaking of rare characters, Kindo’s Guy is amazing to watch. Paired up against Shiro, this one really came down to the wire.