North American Regional Finals at Red Bull Conquest Results: REC|Punk wins Finals and CJ Truth wins Open Event!

Pictured here: CJ Truth, winner of the Open Event. Above header post image: REC|Punk, winner of the Regional Final.

PREMIER EVENT: North American Regional Finals at Red Bull Conquest Results

The final event of the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour season, North America Regional Finals at Red Bull Conquest, is now in the books!

USA’s CJ Truth took 1st place in the Open Event in the most impressive performance of his CPT career. He made it all the way to Winners Finals before being defeated by Japan’s legendary ECHO FOX|Tokido 2-3. He would then go on to defeat LIQUID|John Takeuchi, also from Japan, with a score of 3-1 to move into the Grand Finals. At Grand Finals he got his runback against Tokido and bested the veteran in both sets with scores of 3-2 and 3-1. Not only does this victory improve his seeding position at Capcom Cup 2018 but it also sends notice to everyone competing that CJ Truth can stand toe to toe with the best in the world and win!

CJ Truth came very close to winning the Regional Final as well, coming in at 2nd place to USA’s REC|Punk. This time CJ Truth was sent to the Losers Bracket a bit earlier with a loss to REC|Punk in Winners semi-finals 1-3. After this loss he would battle his way through the Losers Bracket to once again make it to Grand Finals. It looked like a repeat of the Open Tournament was developing as CJ Truth defeated Punk 3-2 in the first set but Punk won the 2nd set 3-2 to take 1st place.

REC|Punk took 1st place at the Regional Final in a close fight against CJ Truch and also placed 13th in the Open Event. Punk will end the 2018 season at 23rd place on the Global Leaderboard with 933 points.

Because REC|Punk is already qualified for Capcom Cup via points on the Global Leaderboard, per the Rules page, the qualification spot shall be awarded to the next player on the Global Ranking Point Leaderboard from the respective Regional Final Tournament winner’s region who has not already qualified for the Capcom Cup. This means that CYG BST|Chris T from the USA, who is in 29th place with 772 points on the Global Leaderboard, will be awarded the automatic qualifying spot! Congratulations to Chris T!

Japan’s ECHO FOX|Tokido earned a 2nd place finish in the Open Event and added more points to his tally, extending his tremendous lead over 2nd place on the Global Leaderboard. To give an idea of the scale of Tokido’s spectacular 2018 season, he has an incredible 1,460 point lead over 2nd place on the Global Leaderboard standings! Tokido will be the one to beat at Capcom Cup 2018.

Now let’s take a look at the full North American Regional results for top 8 for Regional Finals and top 48 for the Open Tournament!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from North American Regional Finals at Red Bull Conquest!

North America Regional Finals: Top 8 (Note: No points awarded for Regional Finals)

Placing Handle Characters
1st REC|Punk Karin/Kolin/Cammy
2nd CJ Truth Cammy
3rd Idom Laura
4th GHOST|NuckleDu Guile/G/R.Mika
5th Toi M.Bison
5th ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Menat
7th Flash Urien
7th Nephew Kolin

North America Open Event Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st CJ Truth Cammy 700
2nd ECHO FOX|Tokido Akuma 270
3rd LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 200
4th ATLAS BEAR|StormKubo Abigail 160
5th Toi M.Bison 130
5th XSK Samurai Akuma 130
7th NVD|Phenom Necalli/M.Bison 100
7th GHOST|NuckleDu Guile/Cammy/R.Mika 100
9th RISE|Smug Balrog 70
9th SONICBOXX|Doomsnake507 Vega 70
9th Idom Laura 70
9th DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Abigail 70
13th RISE|MenaRD Birdie 40
13th REC|Punk Karin 40
13th LIQUID|Nemo Urien 40
13th Flash Abigail 40
17th Nephew Kolin 20
17th RobTV Guile 20
17th ESE|THE COOL KID93 Abigail 20
17th TEMPO|Alex Myers Cammy 20
17th Mo-Joe R.Mika 20
17th LPN Abigail 20
17th ChrisCCH Guile 20
25th SB|geTwreCked Ed 10
25th Neon Kolin 10
25th SONICBOXX|JB (2) Rashid 10
25th END|Shine Ibuki 10
25th Awhile Kolin 10
25th El Chakotay R.Mika 10
33rd Dankadillas Dhalsim 1
33rd Winwinsich 1
33rd UYU|Brian_F Balrog 1
33rd Darkchild Balrog 1
33rd EG|NYChrisG Guile 1
33rd DaFeetLee Ibuki 1
33rd Thrasher R.Mika 1
33rd RandomHits Karin 1
33rd Kreymore Menat 1
33rd ESE|K-Brad Cammy 1
33rd EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 1
33rd BM|Someguyname Balrog 1
33rd CYG BST|GamerBee Cammy 1
33rd InC|Splash Cammy 1
33rd LN 1