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Fuudo is one of several players who has now earned a spot to every Capcom Cup to date. This year has been another great one for Fuudo, with him taking top 16 finishes at eight Premier Events this season including three 2nd place and two more at 3rd place. Fuudo plays a very different R.Mika than most other players. He seems to have taken the play style he used for Fei Long during the Street Fighter 4 era and adapted it to R.Mika. His R.Mika is more technical, with use of normal to do damage and back opponents into corners and less about crazy mix-ups. When the R.Mika mix-ups do come into play, they are all the more effective because of the contrast to his main play style. Fuudo gets to Capcom Cup every year because he’s an amazing player. Will Capcom Cup 2017 be his year? EVO 2011 Grand Finals: Fuudo vs Latif World Warriors of Capcom Cup (2014): Fuudo