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This is Kazunoko’s third Capcom Cup appearance in a row. He’s the Capcom Cup 2015 Champion and took 3rd place at Capcom Cup 2016. This illustrates that not only is he accustomed to playing in high-stakes events like this, but he thrives there. He has four top 16 finishes at Premier Events and a 3rd place finish at EVO 2017. He also has three top 16 finishes at Ranking Events including a win at Online Ranking Event Asia/Oceania Two. He’s one of the best Cammy players in the world, with only GFuel|Verloren coming into that argument in 2017. He’s an exceptionally composed player that rarely shows emotion while playing and every move he makes is very precise. Can he be the first to win two Capcom Cups? We will see at Capcom Cup 2017.


Profile photo courtesy of Chris Bahn. He began his competitive fighting game career like most Japanese top players, by going to the still striving Japanese arcades.  He played the Guilty Gear series of games before starting to play Street Fighter and is a well known top player in that series with numerous tournament victories.  Kazunoko was one of Japan’s top players during the Street Fighter 4 era, especially in the later years when he began using Yun as his main character.
Kazunoko holds the Capcom Cup after his win at Capcom Cup 2015.
He capped off his Street Fighter 4 career by winning Capcom Cup in 2015 by defeating MCZ|Daigo Umehara in the Grand Finals and earning the $120,000 prize for 1st place. Kazunoko vs RZR|Fuudo: SEAM 2014 Top 16