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Mago is a Street Fighter legend born of Japanese arcades, where he was once known as Mago “2DGOD”.  This is Mago’s third straight Capcom Cup appearance earned this season with seven top 16 finishes at Premier Events and another four top 16 finishes at Ranking Events.  Mago’s precision and spacing, honed by playing Fei Long in the Street Fighter 4 era, have translated well to his Karin play.  Karin is a dangerous character, but in the hands of a player like Mago she’s a force to be reckoned with.   Profile photo courtesy of Chris Bahn. Mago is one of the Japanese gods of fighting games.  He has been playing Street Fighter at top levels for many years now. He is sometimes known as Mago “2DGod”, an alias he used earlier in his Street Fighter career. MCZ|Mago vs MCZ|Tokido: Hypespotting 4 Grand Finals (2015)