PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Capcom Pro Tour Brazil

Event Information:

If you are looking for top-tier Ultra Street Fighter 4 action this week, you are in luck! There are not one but TWO Capcom Pro Tour Premier Tournaments this weekend! One of these Premier Tournaments is Capcom Pro Tour Brazil, which takes place October 10th through 12th at the Brazil Game Show at São Paulo, Brazil. Not only are regional top players present, but Pepeday and Haitani are coming from Japan to compete. It will be interesting to see who

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Players Attending (Partial List In No Particular Order)::

SOA|BrenoF1ght3rs Reversal|ChuChu
SOA|Ibukiman Pepeday
Haitani Keoma
SFT|Alexandro SFT|DARK817
AAG|Baby Brasil SOA|Caju

Live Stream Start Times:

Pacific Eastern Brazil (Local)
SAT OCT 10th (CapcomUnityBR Stream)- Qualifiers (From 128 players to Top 16) 6AM 9AM 10AM
SAT OCT 10th (CapcomUnityBR Stream)- Top 16 1PM 4PM 5PM
MON OCT 12th – Finals (CapcomFighters Stream) 1PM 4PM 5PM

Live Stream (Capcom Unity BR Stream for Saturday):

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Live Stream (Capcom Fighters Stream for Monday):

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For an enhanced experience watching the event, go to! It’s got a nice, clean interface and a ton of features, so turn your browsers there, grab a cold beverage, and enjoy the show! Be sure to go to to watch all of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 action at Capcom Pro Tour Brazil live!

Live Stream: Capcom Fighters

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