PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 Results

Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 has concluded and the results are in! This was an invitational event with an incredibly stacked bracket, so almost every match was the equivalent to a Top 8 match at almost any other event! There were a lot of matches not shown on stream, but they were all recorded and up on our Videos page! Check out the Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 Results.

YBK|Dashio qualifies for Capcom Cup 2015

With so many known top players in the bracket, it is quite an accomplishment that YBK|Dashio took 1st place! Dashio’s last known tournament placement was back in 2014. Now, with this victory, Dashio has earned 256 Ranking Points and, more importantly, a qualifying spot at Capcom Cup 2015!

Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st YBK|Dashio Seth 256
2nd RB|Bonchan Sagat 128
3rd Infiltration Decapre/Akuma/Gouken 64
4th BE|Nemo Rolento/Decapre 32
5th AVM|GamerBee Adon/Elena 16
5th MCZ|Mago Yang 16
7th YBK|Kawaguchi Rose 8
7th -6 Poison 8
9th AiAi Juri 4
9th Shimauta Ibuki 4
9th KojiKOG T.Hawk 4
9th RZR|Fuudo Fei Long 4
13th Akimo Elena 2
13th Twiggy T.Hawk 2
13th Kazunoko Yun 2
13th MF Tonpy C.Viper 2

Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 Results

Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 Highlights

Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015 is over and what a show it was! It’s an invitational event, so almost every single player in the tournament is a player that could easily get top 16 in most other events. So in this environment there are so many player matchups, even early in the tournament, that could easily be a Grand Finals elsewhere. Last year it was FTC|Pepeday who won it all and became an immediate fan sensation. This year it is another relative unknown, YBK|Dashio, that blazed a path through top players to attain ultimate victory.

There are far too many moments to show in any one article, so if you have time I highly recommend you at least visit our videos page to watch all of the matches that were in Top 8. If not, at least watch some of the matches below which we feel are but a few highlights of a spectacular event.

Top 5 Moments of Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015

Here are our top 5 highlights from Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show 2015, in case you don’t have the time to watch the match videos. There are too many to choose from.

Grand Finals: RB|Bonchan vs YBK|Dashio

YBK|Dashio is a relatively unknown in the international tournament scene but he made a huge statement at Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show. He defeated RZR|Fuudo, Gachikun, -6, AVM|GamerBee, Infiltration, and finally beat RB|Bonchan in Grand Finals. Bonchan defeated Dashio in the first set to bring Dashio down into the Losers Bracket, but this epic last set really lived up to the hype of this event.

AVM|GamerBee vs RB|Bonchan

Two of the best players in the world square off, and it’s got everything you would expect. It’s got changes of momentum, lots of maximum punishes, mindgames, and lots of clutch plays! The winner was determined by the very last round, and that last round was one of the most thrilling single rounds you can imagine!

MCZ|Tokido vs KojiKOG

KojiKOG is exciting to watch because a)he plays T.Hawk, a rare character in high level play and b)his enthusiasm is so infectious. MCZ|Tokido is exciting to watch because he’s, well, Tokido, one of the best players in the world. Put them together and watch as Tokido tries to inflict max damage combos while KojiKOG tosses him around like a rag-doll a lot. This one came down to the final round to decide it all, and the climactic finish is in our Top 5 Moments video for a reason!

BE|Nemo vs -6

BE|Nemo is so fun to watch because his Rolento just does not stop attacking. It’s a relentless assault. -6’s Poison is top-tier and the match is a lot of fun to watch, although -6 does fall for Nemo’s Ultra 2 at a few critical times to cost him the match.