PREMIER TOURNAMENT: Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Results – RB|Bonchan Wins Again and Nemo Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015, held October 17th in Tokyo, Japan, is over and RB|Bonchan has won again! This is his second win at a Premier Tournament in back to back weeks, which is truly impressive! Bonchan has already qualified for Capcom Cup with his victory last week at SoCal Regionals 2015, but the points he earned with this event will be helpful for seeding purposes at Capcom Cup 2015. Check out the Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 results.

Nemo qualifies for Capcom Cup 2015

Because RB|Bonchan has already earned a qualifying spot at Capcom Cup at a previous event, the spot will now pass to Nemo who finished 2nd place! Nemo has earned enough Ranking Points that he was almost surely going to qualify anyway, but it’s always better to know for sure. Interestingly, Nemo’s qualification is an opportunity for someone else in the Pro Tour standings to potentially qualify through points.

If you missed the live stream, watch the video playlist for matches from the event on our videos page!

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RB|Bonchan Sagat 256
2nd Nemo Rolento 128
3rd Rokkun Seth 64
4th KitasenjuDJ Dee Jay 32
5th Inco Rufus 16
5th TTL|Shinba Abel 16
7th FGC|Dunhill Sakura 8
7th EG|Momochi Ken 8
9th Nishikin Blanka 4
9th Yossan Juri 4
9th -6 Poison 4
9th RZR|Fuudo Fei Long 4
13th StormKUBO Hugo 2
13th FGC|EX Pugera Dudley/Gen 2
13th MDR Rufus 2
13th KOK Evil Ryu 2

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Results

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Highlights: Nemo Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015, held on October 17th in Tokyo, Japan, had a unique event setup which made it fun and fascinating to watch. As one of the few remaining Premier Tournaments in the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour season, almost all of the top players from Asia came to compete. So if you want to watch top player action, this event has you covered. In addition, the unique setup of this event (see below for a rundown) allowed us to see players that we normally wouldn’t. For example, TSUIGI’s T-Hawk was always a treat to watch on stream. The only downside of the event setup is that Infiltration was present at the event but chose not to compete, as he did not feel comfortable using the Japanese arcade sticks. He did join Zhi to provide commentary, however, which was entertaining.

A Fascinating, Arcade-Inspired Event Setup

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Results

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 ResultsJapan is one of the last bastions remaining for arcades, and Ultra Hyakkishu Cup celebrates that heritage. The event was run on a large number of Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade machines, which were set up back to back Japanese style, so that the two opposing players cannot see one another. Four of these head-to-head arcade setups were hooked up to the video feed so that Capcom representatives could switch between them at will for the stream. The result is that there was very little downtime in this event as a stream viewer. When a match was over or if something more interesting was happening on another setup, they could switch to watch something else. Not only that, but because it ran on arcade machines you had absolutely no button checks (gasp!) and you got to see most players’ arcade rankings and battle points scores. Even the way they kept the brackets was fun. Instead of using Challonge or something like that they constructed a huge bracket on a cardboard display with velcro being used on the player’s namecards to move them around the bracket. It was old school in a charming way. The top 16 left behind the channel switching and featured spotlight player entrances, complete with an awesome animated graphic that played on the big screen as they entered.

Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015 Results


There are just too many matches to highlight so we have selected a few. Please visit our videos page to see more action from this event! Now, sit back and enjoy!

EG|Momochi vs Nemo: Nemo faces off against EG|Momochi, winner of Capcom Cup 2014 and Evolution 2015. Momochi played a great game but the smothering offense of Nemo proved to be too much. It seemed as though Nemo only backed off from attacking to gain meter by throwing Stingers into the ground, almost daring his opponent to approach.

One of the surprise players of the event was Rokkun and his unorthodox Seth. He played a great tournament and ended up in 3rd place.

Top 5 Moments of Ultra Hyakkishu Cup 2015!

RB|Bonchan Defeats Nemo in Grand Finals, and Nemo Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

RB|Bonchan and Nemo engaged in a thrilling Grand Finals, and Bonchan ended up taking the win. This is Bonchan’s second Premier Tournament win in as many weeks, as he won SoCal Regionals 2015 last week. Nemo played incredibly all tournament and he is rewarded well here. Because Bonchan won SoCal Regionals 2015 last week and earned his qualification there, it is Nemo who will earn the qualifying spot to Capcom Cup 2015 at this event! RB|Bonchan is on a roll, and Nemo has qualified. Capcom Cup is looking to have an absolutely incredible bracket of the world’s best players and there are still some events remaining in the season!