FV Cup 2016

The end of the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour season is drawing near, with this weekend being the last to feature Ranking Events. FV Cup 2016, held in Malaysia from October 22nd through 23rd, is one of those events (the other being the CPT Asia Online Ranking Event Two). The winner of this event not only receives 128 Ranking Points but also earns one of the last qualifying spots to the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Regional Finals, which takes place on November 19th in South Korea. Many top players from around Asia will be there as well as Ryan Hart from the UK. Marn is also expected to compete as well! You won’t miss this, so be sure to watch it all go down on the live stream!

Official Website:  https://flashvisiontv.tumblr.com/

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

GGP|Kazunoko RZR|Xian
Ryan Hart HuomaoTV|HumanBomb
RB|Bonchan Marn
PandaTV|Dark Jiewa VS.FV|Chuan
TSE4444 Saunic

Link to Pools and Brackets : https://beastapac.challonge.com/FVCUP2016

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Malaysia)
Pools 8PM (Fri) – 2AM (Sat) 11PM (Fri) – 5AM (Sat) 11AM – 5PM (Sat)
Top 16 8PM (Sat) – 12AM (Sun) 11PM (Sat) – 3AM (Sun) 11AM – 3PM (Sun)
Grand Finals 12AM (Sat) – 1AM (Sun) 3AM – 4AM (Sun) 3PM – 4PM (Sun)

Live Stream

Watch live video from beastapac on www.twitch.tv