RANKING TOURNAMENT: Tokyo Button Mashers 2016

Tokyo Button Mashers 2016

One of two Ranking Tournaments taking place this weekend (click here for information on The Fight 2016), Tokyo Button Mashers takes place at Tokyo, Japan on June 5th. Many of Japan’s top players will be taking part, including GGP|Kazunoko, winner of Capcom Cup 2015, and RB|Daigo Umehara among many, many others! You don’t want to miss any of this so tune in to the live stream!

Official Website:  https://buttonmashers-game.com/2016/04/22/tbm1/

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

RB|Daigo Umehara Hori|Sako
Gonzales YBK|Kim1234
Kindevu MF|Tonpy
HM|Eita GM|Go1
MOV Nemo
GGP|Kazunoko YOUDEAL MJS|Haitani
Okkun Gachikun (Gattikun)
YBK|Shiro EG|Choco Blanka
StormKubo Itabashi Zangief
Kuroda Reiketsu
AiAi Dashio
Kyabetsu YBK|Santarouman

Full player list can be found here.

Challonge bracket can be found here.

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Tokyo Japan)
Tournament 5PM (Sat) – 3AM (Sun) 8PM (Sat) to 6AM (Sun) 9AM – 7PM (Sun)

Live Stream

Note: This stream features split audio.  If you want to hear english commentary, go to your computer’s sound settings and set the sound balance all the way to the right.  If you want to hear Japanese commentary, set it all the way to the left.

Watch live video from buttonmashersjp on www.twitch.tv