VSFighting 5, held August 8th through 9th in Birmingham, UK, has concluded. MD|Luffy has taken 1st place and comes away with another 128 valuable Ranking Points! KIG|Problem X took 2nd place and Rize|Infexious has come away with 3rd. If you missed the action, stay tuned and over the next few days we will add the youtube playlist for this event to our videos page!

Here are the VSFighting 5 Results:

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd KIG|Problem X C.Viper/Seth 64
3rd Rize|Infexious Hugo 32
4th UM|Tyrant M.Bison 16
5th Packz Cody 8
5th F-Word Ibuki 8
7th smL|Solidjin Vega 4
7th BTM|Hurricane237 Decapre 4
9th BTM|GuN SLinGa Guy 2
9th UM|ImStillDaDaddy Guile/Decapre 2
9th Afii Poison 2
9th Pro Fluke El Fuerte 2
13th UM|Isam Abel 1
13th BTM|Brian Sakura/C.Viper 1
13th MBA|Fuzzy Cammy/Poison 1
13th SFO|Ghost E.Honda 1