Street Grand Battle 2018: Live Stream and Event Information

RANKING EVENT: Street Grand Battle 2018

One of our great events this weekend takes us to Lyon, France for Street Grand Battle 2018, a Capcom Pro Tour Europe Ranking Event held from September 7th through 9th. Top regional players including BJK|Luffy from France and NVD|Phenom from Norway will be there to battle it out for up to 150 points for first place! Watch it this weekend on the live stream below!

About Street Grand Battle 2018

2017’s biggest French fighting game tournament and second biggest tournament in Europe is back for a second round. The MIXUP is a 2-day Fighting Game Community event held in Lyon, co-organized by French FGC core structures. Our main goal is providing the community high quality event and tournaments. Join us the 8 & 9 of September and fight for the belt!

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Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

NASR|AngryBird NVD|Phenom
BJK|Luffy NVD|SaltyKid
NASR|Big Bird Cobelcog
EnvyUS|MisterCrimson exceL|Infexious
METHOD|Broski exceL|Hurricane
EnvyUS|Nassim-Claw exceL|Brian

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Lyon France) Japan
Pools (Sat) 1:30AM – 4:30AM 4:30AM – 7:30AM 10:30AM to 1:30PM 5:30PM – 8:30PM
Top 16 to Top 8 (Sat) 4:30AM – 7AM 7:30AM – 10AM 1:30PM to 4PM 8:30PM – 11PM
Top 8 (Sun) 8AM – 11AM 11AM – 2PM 5PM to 8PM 12AM (Mon) – 3AM (Mon)

Live Streams


Watch live video from themixuplyon on