SEA Major 2019 – Asia Regional Final Results: Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura wins Finals and Japan’s CYG BST|Fuudo wins Open Event!

Regional Finals: SEA Major 2019 – Asia Regional Final Results

Regional Finals: SEA Major 2019 – Asian Regional Final, held in Singapore from October 12th through 13th, has concluded and the results are in! As a Regional Final this event consists of two separate tournaments. The first is an Open Event which can be entered by anyone and is scored like a Premier Event. The second is the Regional Final itself which is an invitation only tournament consisting of the top 8 players on the CPT Asia regional leaderboard. No points are awarded for the Final.

Japan’s CYG BST|Fuudo Wins Open Event in Grand Finals against Capcom Cup 2018 Champion RED BULL|Gachikun

Japan’s CYG BST|Fuudo made an impressive run at SEA Major, making his way to Grand Finals through the Winners bracket and only losing 3 games total in the entirety of top 16, including the two losses in his 3-2 victory against Japan’s RED BULL|Gachikun in Grand Finals. RED BULL|Gachikun, who won Capcom Cup last year, was knocked into the Losers bracket all the way back in pools and had no room for error for most of the event. It was an exciting Grand Finals but Fuudo earned the victory and the 700 points for 1st place.

Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura Wins Regional Finals Event!

The winner of the first Regional Final event of the season is Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura, who defeated legendary Japanese player ROHTO Z!|Tokido in Grand Finals 3-1. Like Fuudo’s performance in the Open Event, Fujimura won the Regional Final with flair, only losing 2 games total in the entire event. The only 2 games lost were in his 3-1 win over Japan’s YOG|Machabo and in Grand Finals in his 3-1 win against Tokido. Congratulations to FUDOH|Fujimura for his impressive victory! Since Fujimura has more than enough points to qualify for Capcom Cup, the automatic qualifying that would usually be awarded for this win will instead open up another spot to qualify by points on the leaderboard standings as per the CPT rules.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

Regional Final Results: Top 8

Note: No points are awarded for the Regional Final event. See Rules page for details.

Placing Handle Characters
1st FUDOH|Fujimura Ibuki
2nd ROHTO Z!|Tokido Akuma
3rd CYG BST|Fuudo Birdie
4th RED BULL Hx|Bonchan Karin/Sagat
5th LIQUID|Nemo Urien
5th YOG|Machabo Necalli
7th RAZER|Xian Ibuki
7th UYU|Oil King Rashid

SEA Major 2019 – Asia Regional Final Open Event Results: Top 48

Note: Global points are awarded for the Open Tournament as a Premier Event. See Rules page for details.

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st CYG BST|Fuudo Birdie/R.Mika 700
2nd RED BULL|Gachikun Rashid 350
3rd AZ|Kichipa-mu Zangief 200
4th Mago Karin/Cammy 160
5th TALON|HotDog29 M.Bison 130
5th GO RB|Luffy R.Mika 130
7th FUDOH|Fujimura Ibuki 100
7th CAG|Dogura M.Bison 100
9th RED BULL|Bonchan Karin 70
9th LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 70
9th UYU|Oil King Rashid 70
13th YOG|Machabo Necalli 40
13th DETONATION|Nauman Sakura 40
17th RRQ|Moke Rashid 20
17th FUDOH|Johnny Karin 20
17th AXIZ|Shuto Urien 20
17th AMG|Narikun Ibuki 20
17th Mizuha Kolin 20
17th CYG BST|Daigo The Beast Guile 20
25th IG|Jiewa Akuma 10
25th TALON|Denesis M.Bison 10
25th ORDER|ROF Birdie 10
25th QANBA DOUYU|Xiao Hai Cammy 10
25th ALUS|TodayCEO Dhalsim 10
25th CYG|AVM|GamerBee Necalli/Cammy 10
33rd DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Zangief 5
33rd Verloren Cammy 5
33rd BURNING CORE|Kazunoko Ibuki 5
33rd DS|ZG Vega 5
33rd IamChuan Guile 5
33rd KOFMaster F.A.N.G. 5
33rd Saunic Laura 5
33rd DS|Somniac M.Bison 5
33rd UYU|NL Akuma 5
33rd Schenkhan Zeku 5
33rd RSG|Bravery Cammy 5
33rd ALUS|Yang Mian Zeku 5
33rd Unsung Zeku 5
33rd ALUS|Qiuqiu CHAR 5
33rd BK|HSN Rashid 5