Snake Eyez and Nishikin Qualify for Capcom Cup

Snake Eyes Takes The Fall Classic

One of two Premier events to happen this past weekend, tons of players from across the US traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina to attend the Fall Classic. Top 16 was full of competition, and loser’s bracket in particular was a brutal place to fight through. Xian managed to cruise through winner’s bracket in convincing fashion as he awaited a challenger to emerge from the other half of the bracket. Fan favorite, Pepeday, fresh off his victory at Tokyo Game Show, was knocked into loser’s early by Smug, but fought his way through, finally falling to Nuckledu in a thrilling match.

Ultimately, it was Snake Eyez with his overpowering Zangief who came out of loser’s to face Xian in Grand Finals. It seems that all those extra matches had put Snake Eyes into another gear however, as his unwavering approach with Zangief seemed to fluster Xian as the sets went on. Xian went through a number of different characters, searching for a way to stop the Red Cyclone, but was unable to find any answers and lost 3-0 in the final set. Snake Eyez qualifies for Capcom Cup and solidifies his spot as one of the top players in the US. He will be one opponent no one will want to face come December.

The Fall Classic Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Snake Eyez Zangief 256
2nd RZR|Xian Gen/Poison/Sagat 128
3rd PIE|Smug Dudley 64
4th bTri|NuckleDu Guile/Decapre 32
5th /r/Kappa|Pepeday El Fuerte 16
5th SteamCo|Sanford Kelly Sagat/Oni 16
7th Dieminion Guile 8
7th 801 Strider Abel 8
9th iPeru El Fuerte 4
9th MOR|Rico Suave Abel/M.Bison 4
9th EG|K-Brad Cammy/Chun-Li 4
9th CJ Truth Fei Long 4
13th DL|FourWude Akuma 2
13th eSportsMax|Tampa Bison M.Bison 2
13th CoinUp|Ludovic Chun-Li 2
13th EG|PR Balrog Balrog/Evil Ryu 2

Nishikin Comes Out On Top at the Taito Arcade Nationals

Over in Tokyo, Japan, the other Premier event was taking place at the Taito Arcade Nationals. The winner of the singles event would qualify for Capcom Cup, and the list of names attending was practically a who’s who of top character specialists in the country. While many fans has high hopes for Daigo Umehara to take this tournament with his #1 ranked Evil Ryu, he was defeated relatively early in the competition, and had to settle for a mere 9th place.

In a result that absolutely no one saw coming, it was Nishikin, the top Blanka player in Japan who came out on top of the event without dropping a set. His path to victory featured impressive wins over Kazunoko’s Yun in Winner’s Finals, and Bonchan’s Sagat in Grand Finals. Ultra Street Fighter IV has proven that any character has a chance to win, so don’t be surprised if Nishikin pulls off many more tier-defying wins at Capcom Cup.

Taito Arcade Nationals (Singles) Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Nishikin Blanka 256
2nd Bonchan Sagat 128
3rd Kazunoko Yun 64
4th Ninomae Rose 32
5th Nekojita Abel 16
5th Hagejin Zangief 16
7th EG|Momochi Ken 8
7th Furikuri 2 Rufus 8
9th Ebi Hakan 4
9th KojiKOG T.Hawk 4
9th Shimauta Ibuki 4
9th MCZ|Daigo Evil Ryu 4
13th MCZ|Mago Yang 2
13th Kyabetsu C.Viper 2
13th Meu Makoto 2
13th YBK|Santarouman Sagat 2

Luffy Adds Another Trophy to the Case at Red Fight District

It seems Luffy can’t go even one week without winning another tournament and this week was no different. Taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Red Fight District featured many of the top European players, in addition to some international faces in Gamerbee and Justin Wong.

Try as they may, the story remained the same, with no one able to stop Luffy from claiming yet another European trophy, and even more CPT ranking points to add to his ever growing lead over the rest of the field.

Red Fight District Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd AVM|GamerBee Adon 64
3rd TR|Halibel Ken/Rufus/Yun/Akuma 32
4th Andreas Rufus 16
5th Highlander NET Abel 8
5th LLL|MBR Akuma 8
7th GL|Valmaster Chun-Li 4
7th TR|Maruko Zangief 4
9th TR|Mac Balrog 2
9th CDV|Will2Pac C.Viper 2
9th GL|Lior Sakura/Makoto 2
9th EG|Justin Wong Rufus 2
13th LLL|DoomDomain Hakan 1
13th LLL|Kenpachi Yun 1
13th TR|Nani 1
13th BCSN|Fasoll Ibuki 1

ChuChu Wins at Brazil Game Show

Down in South America, Brazil Game Show hosted a CPT ranking event that brought out some of the best the region had to offer. When all was said and done, it was ChuChu who emerged victorious with some extremely solid Chun-Li play. ChuChu has been one of the only players on the circuit to consistently participate in the monthly online tournaments hosted by World Gaming, and his victory at BGS helped pushed his point total high enough so that he is now guaranteed a spot at Capcom Cup. As the dark horse of the event, he’ll be looking to bust some predictions and upset the competition.

Brazil Game Show Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st CNB.Chuchu 128
2nd SOA.Lecustela 64
3rd SFT.Dark817 32
4th Luvinha 16
5th WW|CamisaKOF98UMFE 8
5th SOA.Caju 8
7th WWarcade_Alan_ 4
7th SFT. Guiller BR 4
9th SFT.Anjo Raziel 2
9th Duarte Vader 2
9th A.I.Xitão 2
9th Patoz.Tigerkai 2
13th WW Arcade 1
13th Kimedu 1
13th A.I.Taossomano 1
13th ZZT.Slatan 1

Cyber Olympics Etapa TerraMall

In Costa Rica, the final event of the Cyber Olympics series took place in Etapa TerraMall. While Nano and Bebedero were hoping to secure a win to boost themselves into the running for a Capcom Cup spot, Gabo ended up playing gate keeper, as his victory at the event effectively ended both players chances for reaching the Cup. Will any of these players try to make it out to Dreamhack for the last chance qualifier? We will have to see.

Cyber Olympics Etapa TerraMall Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Six.Gabo 128
2nd CH andyenigma 64
3rd T-Virus TCCR|Nano 32
4th Bebedero 16
5th ANX 8
5th TCCR Kike 8
7th TCCR Ars 4
7th Rezoku 4
9th Raulaka 2
9th CH Aeon 2
9th CH Puente 2
9th Jose David 2
13th Pandora 1
13th Pablo 1
13th OF Juan 1
13th Chusestoa 1

Wednesday Night Fights and Next Level Battle Circuit Season Results

WNF and NLBC, the two top weekly tournaments in US finished up their ranking seasons this past Wednesday, and the results are now in. Snake Eyez and Smug are the winners for each respective weekly and their efforts net them 128 CPT points each. Snake Eyez is already guaranteed a spot to Capcom Cup, but Smug is on the fringe of qualifying. With time running out on the Pro Tour season, we’ll have to see who fills out the final spots.

WNF Season Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Snake Eyez 128
2nd Chris Tatarian 64
3rd FRQ Filipinoman 32
4th Brenttiscool 16
5th Marq Teddy 8
5th Veloc1raptor 8
7th LU|Alex Valle 4
7th iansanity 4
9th hungbee 2
9th Alex Myers 2
9th Stupendous 2
9th Happytang 2
13th Blockbuster Jon 1
13th GG NYChris G 1
13th combojack 1
13th Chris King 1

NLBC Season Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st PIE Smug 128
2nd SteamCo Sanford K 64
3rd OG PxG Shine 32
4th bTri Nuckledu 16
5th BIFU Spab Rog 8
5th OG Lil Evil 8
7th EG K-Brad 4
7th RLBS 4
9th Dieminion 2
9th PIE Zeus 2
9th BIFU Insaynne 2
9th DaFeetLee 2
13th MOR Rico Suave 1
13th QCB Klitschko 1
13th Lazyone 1
13th OG Tinshi 1