Taipei Major 2019 Results: Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura takes 1st Place!

PREMIER EVENT: Taipei Major 2019

Taipei Major 2019, held in Taipei, Taiwan from June 8th through 9th, is in the books and Japan’s FUDOH|Fujimura has taken 1st place! Fujimura made it all the way to Grand Finals through the Winners bracket after defeating Japan’s RED BULL Hx|Bonchan in Winners Finals 3-1.

CYG BST|Fuudo, also from Japan, was put into Losers bracket in a 1-3 loss to Fujimura in Winners semi-finals. Fuudo would eliminate Taiwan’s XGEAR|YoYoTai (3-1), Japan’s legendary ROHTO Z!|Tokido (3-2) and finally Bonchan (3-1) on his way to meet Fujimura in Grand Finals.

Fuudo, who in previous seasons used R.Mika primarily, has added a formidable Birdie to his arsenal while Fujimura used his tried and true Ibuki. The battle between the two went as you would expect with players of this caliber. Fujimura would use Ibuki’s ranged kunai attacks and mix-ups while Fuudo’s Birdie got a lot of mileage out of EX headbutt and other big damage attacks. Fujimura took a 2-1 lead but Fuudo, no stranger to the pressure of a Premier Event Grand Finals, tied it up 2-2. The final match was a thrilling one with both players having bursts of momentum and clutch moves. It came down to the final round of the match to decide the winner, with Fujimura using an instant overhead to finish off Fuudo and win the event.

This is Fujimura’s first Premier Event win of the season. His previous best was a 7th place finish back at NorCal Regionals in late March. He did have a Ranking Event win prior to Taipei Major with a 1st place at the FV x SEA Major also in late March. This win gives Fujimura 700 valuable points on the leaderboard standings. Congratulations to FUDOH|Fujimura on his big win at Taipei Major 2019! Now let’s take a look at the full Taipei Major 2019 results for top 48!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our Videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

Taipei Major 2019 Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st FUDOH|Fujimura Ibuki 700
2nd CYG BST|Fuudo Birdie/R.Mika 350
3rd RED BULL Hx|Bonchan Sagat/Karin 200
4th ROHTO Z!|Tokido Akuma 160
5th XG|YoYoTai R.Mika 130
5th CYG BST|GamerBee Cammy 130
7th RAZER|Xian Ibuki 100
7th YOG|Machabo Necalli 100
9th ALUS|Qiuqiu Urien 70
9th CYCLOPS|Dogura M.Bison/Urien 70
9th GRAPHT|MOV Karin/Chun-Li 70
9th UYU|NL Akuma 70
13th VICTRIX|Momochi Ken 40
13th FUDOH|Haitani Akuma 40
13th FAV|Ryusei Urien 40
13th MOUSESPORTS|Problem X M.Bison 40
17th QANBA DOUYU|Xiao Hai Cammy/Karin 20
17th Yoro Karin 20
17th SZY|Mizuha Kolin 20
17th FUDOH|Johnny Karin 20
17th Nauman Sakura 20
17th TALON|HotDog29 M.Bison 20
17th ZJZ Menat/Karin 20
25th Fujii Ryu 10
25th B.O.B.|Xiaobao Vega 10
25th iXA|Gunfight Alex 10
25th Yujix Chun-Li 10
25th CYG BST|Daigo The Beast Guile 10
25th Youshikibi Cammy 10
33rd iG|Jiewa Akuma 5
33rd Verloren Ibuki/Cammy 5
33rd Tony Chacha Cammy 5
33rd LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 5
33rd Rockpon Menat 5
33rd Motchan F.A.N.G. 5
33rd Daimon CHAR 5
33rd uP|Nikusan Zeku 5
33rd AD Cammy 5
33rd GutsBoom M.Bison 5
33rd DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Zangief/Abigail 5
33rd GRAPHT|Gllty Dhalsim 5
33rd Powell Cammy 5
33rd SB|Dayao Urien 5
33rd Mago Karin 5