Texas Showdown 2015 Match Videos


Since we don’t have a Capcom Pro Tour event scheduled for this weekend we thought we’d take some time to showcase some of the great matches from Texas Showdown 2015. You may notice that Snake Eyez is heavily featured in the videos, and that’s because he had so many exciting matches to watch.

To watch the whole plalist of videos from Texas Showdown 2015 you can find it in the VIDEOs section of the site or you can click here.

Top 32: EG|K-Brad vs SnakeEyez

This was a great match to watch. EG|K-Brad had to tread very carefully, as SnakeEyez is able to generate huge comebacks off a single mistake.

Top 32: 801 Strider vs. Hsien: Download Complete

801 Strider is a great competitor and his Abel is one of the best. Hsien’s Yun stands in his way. This is a great match which started off like it was going to be one sided but turned out to be anything but, as it came down to the wire and some clutch plays.

Top 8: Hsien vs Snake Eyes: It Comes Down to 1 Second

This one came down to literally the last second!

Top 8 Loser’s Finals: Snake Eyez gets Revenge on EG|K-Brad

EG|K-Brad and Snake Eyez have had a kind of friendly rivalry going on. K-Brad knocked Snake Eyez into the losers bracket but Snake Eyez gets his revenge in a great match.

Grand Finals: /r/Kappa|Infiltration vs Snake Eyez

/r/Kappa|Infiltration has to go up against Snake Eyez’ intimidating Zangief. Luckily, Infiltration knows how to win with half the cast in this game and decides to break out a blast from the past, his Akuma!