Texas Showdown Results

Last weekend, challengers from Texas, California, Virginia, Tennessee, and other neighboring states all headed to Houston to vie for the right to call themselves the best in Texas and to try to collect points for the Capcom Pro Tour. Houston’s own Hamad Akbar and Adeel “Forwude” Soomro put up solid performances against the usual mainstays of Justin Wong, Eduardo “PR Rog” Perez, and Kenneth “K-Brad” Bradley, but it was ultimately Justin Wong who took home top honors. Check out the Texas Showdown Results.

Texas Showdown Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st EG Justin Wong Rufus 128
2nd EG PR Rog Balrog/Evil Ryu 64
3rd EG K-Brad Cammy 32
4th DL Hamad Akbar Fei-Long 16
5th PxG Integra Ken 8
5th MC 51Fifty XsK Samurai Ryu 8
7th AB Nashfan Chun-Li 4
7th LU Alex Valle Ryu 4
9th DL Forwude Akuma 2
9th AB Joe Love Cody 2
9th GG NY ChrisG Sakura 2
9th AB Chaotix Dudley 2
13th GOL Krucial B E.Honda 1
13th HBD Ferris M.Bison/Blanka 1
13th TommyGunz Seth 1
13th MA Swagner Cammy 1