Tournament Results from Brazil

Earlier this year one of Brazil’s larger tournaments, Revox, happened prior to the announcement of the Capcom Pro Tour. With many of Brazil’s best in attendance it only makes sense for those who attended the event to be awarded ranking tournament points retroactively. We are pleased to announce that those who placed within the top 16 will be receiving ranking points immediately, according to the standings below.

Revox Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st SOA|Breno_F1ght3rs Cammy/Ryu/Evil Ryu 128
2nd CNB.ChuChu C.Viper 64
3rd SOA|Bruno f1ght3rs Akuma 32
4th SOA|House Rose/Gen 16
5th SOA|Ibukiman Evil Ryu/Ibuki 8
5th SOA.PNY-Caju Hakan 8
7th A.I.Xitão Adon 4
7th CNB.lordxSaka Akuma/Dhalsim 4
9th SOA|Zuza Rose 2
9th Nameless Blanka/Makoto 2
9th LazyDog Chun-Li/Guile 2
9th SOA|Kusanagi Makoto 2
13th Alexis Guile 1
13th SOA|Haztlan Vega 1
13th TTboy Tupete Gen 1

Additionally, another huge Brazilian tournament, FNF, also took place this past weekend with Breno F1ght3rs yet again taking the top spot. Breno initially make a splash on the world scene by beating Tokido in the grand finals of the Brazilian Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tournament a few years ago. He will definitely be someone to watch out for as the season progresses.

FNF Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st SOA|Breno_F1ght3rs Ryu/Evil Ryu 128
2nd SOA|House Rose/Fei Long 64
3rd A.i Xitao Adon 32
4th CNB.Chuchu Sakura/C.Viper/Chun-Li 16
5th O Camisa|KOF98UMFE T.Hawk/Ryu/Sagat 8
5th FNF|Ale C.Viper/Ryu 8
7th Nameless Blanka/Dee Jay 4
7th SOA|LeCustela Adon 4
9th PoisonSPK Ryu 4
9th Luvinha Ryu 2
9th Alexis Guile/E.Honda 2
9th Denis-Imperador Ibuki/Rose 2
13th Sr. Joguinhos Seth/Akuma/Evil Ryu 1
13th A.I.TAOSSOMANO Blanka/Abel 1
13th SOA-SPANDIO23 Guy 1
13th Barba Bison 1