VSFighting 2018 Results: Japan’s CYG BST|Daigo “The Beast” takes 1st Place!

PREMIER EVENT: VSFighting 2018 Results

VSFighting 2018, held in Birmingham, England from July 20th through 22nd, is in the books and Japan’s Daigo “The Beast” Umehara has taken 1st place! This is Daigo’s first win of the season but has done well so far this season, having earned 2nd place at NorCal Regionals and 4th place at Stunfest among other placements previously. Daigo may have had enough points to earn a spot at Capcom Cup 2018 before this point, but victory here at VSFighting makes it a certainty. He defeated FUDOH|Fujimura in Grand Finals 3-2.

FUDOH|Fujimura, also from Japan, earned 2nd place and is having an absolutely remarkable 2018 season. Prior to VSFighting some of his placements include not one but two 1st place finishes at Premier Events (CEO and Stunfest) and a win at the Fighter’s Spirit Ranking Event. Fujimura made it all the way to Winner’s Finals in the Winner’s Bracket before losing to Daigo 1-3. Fujimura’s only losses at VSFighting both came at the hands of Daigo, once in Winner’s Finals and finally at Grand Finals.

Korea’s UYU|NL took 3rd place after making it to top 8 in the Winner’s Bracket. He was defeated by Fujimura in Winner’s Semi-Finals 1-3. In the Loser’s Bracket he went on to eliminate Europe’s last remaining player, FNATIC|Shakz from the UK, as well as USA’s ECHO FOX|Justin Wong before finally being eliminated himself by Fujimura in Loser’s Finals 1-3.

Now let’s take a look at the full VSFighting 2018 results for top 48!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from VSFighting 2018!

VSFighting 2018 Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st CYG BST|Daigo The Beast Guile 700
2nd FUDOH|Fujimura Ibuki 270
3rd UYU|NL Cammy 200
4th ECHO FOX|Justin Wong Menat 160
5th NASR|Big Bird Rashid/Ken/Zeku 130
5th FNATIC|Shakz Laura 130
7th LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 100
7th FAV|Sako Menat 100
9th FUDOH|Haitani Akuma 70
9th PG|Infiltration Menat 70
9th ECHO FOX|Momochi Kolin 70
13th FORGER|HumanBomb Chun-Li 40
13th CYG BST|Fuudo R.Mika 40
17th Gachikun Rashid 20
17th Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) Urien/Guile 20
17th NVD|Phenom Guile 20
17th FURSAN|Verloren Cammy 20
17th RED BULL|Luffy R.Mika 20
17th Atrosh Birdie 20
25th EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 10
25th CYG BST|GamerBee Cammy 10
25th MOUSESPORTS|Problem X M.Bison 10
25th FNATIC|Akainu Guile 10
25th Apollo Steed Kolin 10
25th GunSlinga Zeku 10
33rd Cobelcog Cammy 1
33rd NASR|AngryBird Akuma 1
33rd PONOS|Moke Cammy 1
33rd StrtFighterSteve R.Mika 1
33rd Will2Pac Laura 1
33rd exceL|Hurricane Cammy 1
33rd SWAK.FR|Shenzo Kolin 1
33rd WP|Daikoku_Go Birdie 1
33rd Kindevu Akuma 1
33rd NVD|Veggey Birdie 1
33rd FNATIC|Brick Zangief/Necalli 1
33rd CYCLOPS|Dogura Urien 1
33rd METHOD|Broski Dhalsim 1
33rd EPSILON|Takamura_B Akuma 1
33rd Packz Karin 1