VSFighting 2019 Results: Japan’s RED BULL Hx|Bonchan Wins His 2nd Premier Event of the Season!

Premier Event: VSFighting 2019 Results

VSFighting 2019, held in Birmingham, UK, from July 20th through 21st, is over and Japan’s RED BULL Hx|Bonchan has taken 1st place! This is Bonchan’s second Premier Event win of the season with a 1st place at CEO 2019 in late June.

To earn that spot he defeated the USA’s RECIPROCITY|Punk in a thrilling Grand Finals. Punk, who currently holds 1st place on the Global Leaderboard standings, was the player that put Bonchan into the Losers bracket with a 3-1 victory at Winners Finals and in Grand Finals Bonchan would get a runback.

In Grand Finals Bonchan won the first set to reset the bracket 3-1. In the second set Bonchan started strong and took a 2-0 lead but Punk clutched his way back and for a while the momentum seemed to have swung Punk’s way. The final match came down to the very last round. The last hit would decide the winner and it was Bonchan who would do so, winning the second set and the event 3-2.

Punk came away with a second place finish and will remain at the top of the global standings after the event. With this win the 2019 season is officially Punk’s career best. For almost any player on the planet you could have said that long ago, but in 2017 punk earned an astonishing 3,080 points! He has now broken that high score with a lot of runway in the season left to go including Evolution, the first Super Premier, just two weeks away.

Japan’s YOG|Machabo came in at third place with yet another great Necalli performance. This is Machabo’s third time earning third place at Premier Events so far this season. He is currently in the top 8 on the Global Leaderboard standings. He’s proven he can stand against the world’s best this season but can he hit that last plateau to take 1st at a Premier? There is a lot of time remaining in 2019 and we can’t wait to find out. Now let’s take a look at the full VSFighting 2019 results for top 48!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our Videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

VSFighting 2019 Results: Top 48

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RED BULL Hx|Bonchan Karin/Sagat 700
2nd RECIPROCITY|Punk Karin 350
3rd YOG|Machabo Necalli 200
4th NASR|AngryBird Zeku/Ibuki 160
5th CYG BST|Infexious Zeku 130
5th NVD|Phenom Karin/Necalli/M.Bison 130
7th RED BULL|Gachikun Rashid 100
7th FAV|Sako Menat 100
9th UYU|NL Akuma 70
9th FAV|Ryusei Urien 70
9th GO.RB|Luffy R.Mika 70
13th NASR|Big Bird Rashid 40
13th FUDOH|Haitani Akuma 40
17th TALON|HotDog29 M.Bison 20
17th RRQ|Moke Rashid 20
17th CYG BST|Daigo The Beast Guile 20
17th VITALITY|Hurricane Cammy 20
17th MOUSESPORTS|Problem X M.Bison 20
17th Takamura_B Akuma 20
25th UYU|Oil King Rashid 10
25th UchihaStrider Akuma 10
25th LIQUID|Nemo Urien 10
25th CJ Truth Kolin/Cammy 10
25th NVD|Veggey Birdie 10
25th GRAPHT|MOV Karin/Chun-Li 10
33rd F-Word Ibuki 5
33rd RAZER|Xian Ibuki 5
33rd REASON|BoltStrike Vega 5
33rd iG|Jiewa Akuma 5
33rd Shaquille Ken 5
33rd BTM|GunSlinga Zeku 5
33rd GRIP|ADTerminal Urien 5
33rd RISE|K-Brad Cammy 5
33rd Mizuha Kolin 5
33rd ENVYUS|NTSC_Abdess Akuma 5
33rd Quiggy Zangief 5
33rd StrtFighterSteve R.Mika 5
33rd Mago Karin/Cammy 5
33rd Ryan Hart Urien 5
33rd CIV|Mopuulapo Balrog 5