VSFighting 7: Live Stream and Event Information

VSFighting 7

One of several events taking place this weekend around the Capcom Pro Tour takes us to Birmingham, England for VSFighting 7. This event takes place from August 12th through 13th. Many of Europe’s best players are expected to take part including the UK’s Mousesports|Problem X and France’s Method|RB|Luffy. Singapore’s RZR|Xian is also making the trip. Be sure to catch the live stream this weekend so that you don’t miss any of the exciting matches that VSFighting 7 has in store.

Official Website:  https://www.vsfighting.com/

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

RZR|Xian Method|RB|Luffy
Mousesports|Problem X Method|Packz
MD|MisterCrimson Method|Cobelcog
Epsilon|Brick Takamura_B
Infused|ImStillDaDaddy Infused|Afii
xL|Brickterium ECV|Hiruko
UM|Tyrant xL|Hurricane
Mousesports|CCL xL|Infexious
Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) Epsilon|Keftaroz
Prophecy|Akainu Millenium|Will2pac

Live brackets can be found here:  https://smash.gg/tournament/vsfighting-2017

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern UK
Pools (Saturday) 2AM – 9AM 5AM – 12PM 10:00 – 17:00
Top 32 (Sunday) 9AM – 11:30AM 12PM – 2:30PM 17:00 – 19:30
Top 8 (Sunday) 3:30AM – 6AM 6:30AM – 9AM 11:30 – 14:00

Live Stream

Watch live video from ElectronicDojo on www.twitch.tv