Weekly Tournament & SFOS September Results

Luffy dominates at Dreamhack Stockholm

In Sweden, an epic showdown of top European talent took place at Dreamhack Stockholm. A very familiar scene played out with EVO2K14 Champ Luffy, and top UK player Ryan Hart facing off in Winner’s Finals. With several tournament wins in the past few months, Luffy’s confidence has been at an all time high, and he proved once again that he is the king of the European Street Fighter scene with a convincing victory over Ryan in Winner’s Finals and Grand Finals, giving him the title.

Dreamhack Stockholm Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MD|Luffy Rose 128
2nd DIG|Ryan Hart Sagat/Ryu/Evil Ryu 64
3rd BX3|veggey Zangief/Yun 32
4th BX3|Phenom M.Bison 16
5th HOG|Popi Yun/Cammy/Fei Long/Evil Ryu 8
5th Yonzai Blanka/Guy/Ryu 8
7th Bashfest Sagat 4
7th F-Word Ibuki 4
9th IND|King Funk Zangief/Gouken/Rufus 2
9th Yagami Rolento 2
9th Veraz Rose/Gen 2
9th B1t Poison/M.Bison 2
13th Chinooo Ken/Fei Long/Evil Ryu 1
13th Papz M.Bison 1
13th Chico Ryu 1
13th GxC|Damascus Ibuki 1

Problem X wins EGX London

Another European tournament took place the very same weekend, this time over in London at the Eurogamer Expo. Many local UK and European players made it out to the event to try to take the tradeshow event and the competition was fierce. Problem X battled back from Loser’s bracket to face off against Andreas in Grand Finals, eventually taking the event with some spirited C.Viper play. With a few more EU tournaments left on the CPT circuit including Dreamhack Winter, could Problem X vault himself into the running for a spot at Capcom Cup? We will have to see.

EGX London Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RZR CG|Problem X C.Viper 128
2nd Andreas Rufus 64
3rd RIZE|PRO FLUKE IND El Fuerte 32
4th IPlay|TR You Genius Vega 16
5th Affi Poison 8
5th Ottoman TR61 Balrog 8
7th IPLAY|TR Sheva Cody 4
7th SFO|3sports Willo E.Honda 4
9th UM|Tyrant M.Bison 2
9th Packz Cody 2
9th UM|Buffalo Decapre 2
9th Udjisam Dudley 2
13th Sebmag Cammy 1
13th Jonnypliskin T.Hawk/Cody 1
13th UM|Imstilldadaddy Guile 1

Xian surprises at Saigon Cup

The final ranking tournament of the weekend took place in Vietnam, where top Asian talent was in attendance to chase down those CPT points. The local Vietnam scene showed up in full force as well, but it was all about the seasoned international veterans in the top 4. Best known for his technical Gen play that lead him to victory at EVO2K13, Xian surprised everyone by pulling out a pocket Poison in the first-to-five Grand Finals against Gamerbee. Fighting from Loser’s bracket, Gamerbee was able to reset the bracket in a tight set, but Xian coolly and calmly dominated the final set 5-1 to win the tournament. Xian’s win vaults him to 12th place in the leaderboards, while Gamerbee’s efforts move him up to 10th. With both players attending the upcoming CPT Asia Finals, expect much more shuffling of positions in the coming weeks, as players jockey for a higher seed at Capcom Cup.

Saigon Cup Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RZR|Xian Gen/Poison 128
2nd AVM|GamerBee Adon/Yun 64
3rd CCG|Humanbomb Sakura/Poison 32
4th Leslie Sagat 16
5th Chuan Guile/Fei Long/Zangief 8
5th Koji Akuma/Ryu 8
7th hofly Guile/Seth 4
7th MRN|Marn C.Viper/Dudley/Rufus/Poison 4
9th SimpliztiK Adon/Yun 2
9th Phuong M.Bison/Fei Long/Yun 2
9th Lam9p Vega 2
9th Noobiex Balrog/Evil Ryu 2
13th Duy Ibuki 1
13th TGU|Aon Yoga Water Dhalsim 1
13th Quang Sagat 1
13th Longkhac Rolento 1

The battle rages online with the Street Fighter Online Series

In the online arena, players in the Americas and Europe competed in online tournaments run by World Gaming. Top 16 results from September can be seen below:

Americas PS3 September Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st CNB-ChuChu 64
2nd oZeldaao 32
3rd TheSmackedPilot 16
4th youngc_314 8
5th MarceyPan 4
5th brisolaplay3 4
7th Ratex02 2
7th step_wolf 2
9th ranamex 1
9th anthonus86 1
9th DonNweze 1
9th severosysBR 1
13th thiagiz 1
13th XabienM 1
13th Xx0AustinPro0xX 1
13th DarkSquall81 1

Americas X360 September Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Cnb ChuChu 64
2nd o Zeldaa o 32
3rd RaTex02 16
4th YungBrito 8
5th BuzzL1ghtY3ar 4
5th Bad News Vegas 4
7th vl RoyalMist lv 2
7th DemonEyes13 2
9th IMN3D 1
9th Keloooo 1
9th ISRALEX619 1
9th xWAx PSYCHO 1
13th EricVoorhees13 1
13th My Other Option 1
13th Psycho Pope 1
13th MegaMayneX 1

Europe PS3 September Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Giuse_83 64
2nd kof 32
3rd M-E-D-Z 16
4th J2Ochi 8
5th ColeUp 4
5th Sunset-Law 4
7th ABDHN 2
7th MagnusFender 2
9th m4fo_x 1
9th kokopsini 1
9th doomday56 1
9th LadyHirien 1
13th monkeykong12 1
13th greydon_square 1
13th Marsattacks69 1
13th Beignet7 1

Europe X360 September Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Points
1st Yonzai1212 64
2nd Ninja musik g 32
3rd Geqn 16
4th Gillstolemyride 8
5th EruXiahou 4
5th Khnum666 4
7th HT KanpaI 2
7th RAID Valmaster 2
9th bossdonkim 1
9th Pro Fluke 1
9th Nods5 1
9th ladnopokaa 1
13th Slyches 1
13th dropkikyamum 1
13th Skyluke82 1
13th Angerus-1337 1