World Warrior Event Weekly Results

World Warrior Results: Week ending October 9th

Below you will find the top 16 results for each of this weekend’s World Warrior events. First place through 16th place will earn up to 50 points and each placement below 16th will earn 1 point.

World Warrior is a new regional Street Fighter™ V: Champion Edition esports program running from July through December 2022 which will deliver 26 additional entrants to Capcom Cup IX. In each of the 26 World Warrior regions, Capcom will host one event across six months with a local tournament organizer. The first five events in each region will be an open tournament where players can earn points for participating.

The five regional events will culminate at a regional final featuring the top eight players from the local leaderboard. The winners of these regional finals will all earn a spot at Capcom Cup IX.

For more information about World Warrior events, please visit the Rules page.

South Africa 3- Get Washed! Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Points
1st Heart 50
2nd erefaanpearch 40
3rd ILL|vinpetrolium 35
4th ILL|Sekwele Ramaube 30
5th Ren 25
5th ApolloCPT 25
7th GRABZILLA|Nat-Su-Kao 20
7th 7BD 20
9th PLAN G|PhireBlazor420 15
9th Enable_ 15
9th AB8 15
9th Shinobisama08 15
13th BRAVADO|BillyDate 10
13th AG1|Makadago21 10
13th AyrtonDark7 10
13th Outlist 10

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Europe West 4- Saltmine League Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Points
1st CAMMY QUEEN|Geeck-O 50
2nd SYG|Garnet 40
3rd AkramVVVVpc 35
4th Snoboi 30
5th MrWolf 25
5th GambaNera 25
7th VDV|Mave 20
7th CASA SUA|Clone 20
9th RASS 15
9th GrooveboxVJ 15
9th 2old4this4 15
9th LS4DRINKS|dkmatti 15
13th TOBLS|Crayvexxx 10
13th DRT|Fuhajin 10
13th SYG|Jhin 10
13th Kastro 10

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