E3 Updated Streaming Schedule & The Editor Elimination Exhibition

E3 is right around the corner! We’ve got some new information for you guys as well as an updated streaming schedule:

  • 6/10 (TUE):
    • 4~5pm – Play With A Pro
    • 5~6pm – USFIV New Characters Exhibition
  • 6/11 (WED):
    • 4~5pm – Play Against A Pro
    • 5~6pm – USFIV Edition Select Exhibition
  • 6/12 (THU):
    • 11~Noon – Editor Elimination Exhibition
    • 1~4pm – USFIV Capcom Pro Tour Invitational Tournament

*All content will be streamed on twitch.tv/capcomfighters
*All times PST

You’ll notice we added an extra event on the last day. We are pitting various media members from around the world against each other in a royal rumble we are calling the Editor Elimination Exhibition (E3). The winner walks away with a sweet trophy as well as eternal bragging rights. Check out our official line up!

Editor Elimination Exhibition (E3) at E3 2014

Mike Minotti is a staff writer and community manager at VentureBeat GamesBeat. Mike is a Street Fighter aficionado, hosting GamesBeat’s own Street Fighter Tournament.


Dan “Shoe” Hsu is the Editor-in-Chief of GamesBeat. He has a love of board games and is even developing one of his own. In the past, Dan has interviewed Seth Killian, Capcom’s special advisor to Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4, for profiles including pros and cons of each of the Street Fighter characters.


Vincent (Vince) Ingenito is an Associate Editor at IGN and a lover of all things fighting games. He regularly covers the Street Fighter franchise and just recently gave Ultra Street Fighter IV a 9.0/10 because of its “new content and smart balance.”


Eric Patterson is an Executive Editor at Electronic Gaming Monthly. He is a big fan of the Street Fighter character Poison.


Jason Oestreicher is a Video Editor at Game Informer. Street Fighter 4 is one of his favorite games and he loves the fighting game community as a whole. He is also a fan of Street Fighter X Tekken.


Nathan Brown is the Games Editor at Edge Magazine in the UK and resident Street Fighter player and fan at Future Publishing UK. He can frequently be found fighting at lunch times against the other journalists at Future.


Felipe Vinha is a journalist covering video games and technology. He is known for being an enthusiast of tokusatsu heroes like Kamen Rider and Power Rangers. Is frequently seem playing board games – like, those physical tabletop games. TechTudo is the technology website of Globo.com, the portal of the biggest television network in Brazil.


Douglas Pereira has been writing about video games for quite some time now and loves to play fighting games and to watch FG tournaments, although he’s notably TERRIBLE at playing them. PlayStation: The Official Magazine – Brazil is the best-selling gaming magazine in the country. Although the official license came about a few years ago, the magazine itself has been around for more than a decade, covering everything PlayStation.

Finally, we are happy to announce the final two pro players we are inviting to the event. While we did say that they would be “Team Japan,” due to scheduling issues we had to secure some other candidates. However, we are sure that everyone will be happy with the final choices:

Team International: Infiltration, Ryan Hart
– Twitch will be flying out two of the most experienced international players we have on the scene today. Look for both players to put on a clinic at the event and demonstrate why Street Fighter truly is a worldwide game.

That makes our official pro player line up look like this:

Team Evil Geniuses: Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Eduardo Perez, Kenneth Bradley
Team Southern California: Alex Valle, Jayce the Ace
Team International: Infiltration, Ryan Hart

Remember, these players will be duking it out for a $3,000 prize pool on Thursday! Be sure to check out all the action on twitch.tv/capcomfighters next week.