UFGTX & Japonawa Results

With Ultra Street Fighter IV coming out next week, UFGTX and Japonawa acted as the last two events where players could score ranking points via Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012. And what an exciting two events they were! AE 2012 could not have gone out on a higher note.

Tijuana, Mexico was the location where players from Mexico and the U.S. descended upon to try to win CPT ranking points, in addition to all the other sweet prizes up for grabs at Japonawa. Although there were many talented players in attendance, the players to beat were RG|Filipino Champ, SD|Tempest and TL.DSC|Cast. Although it was not surprising that these three players got to top 3, it was surprising that RG|Filipino Champ had to fight back from the losers bracket. In grand fashion however, RG|Filipino Champ was able to come back and win the tournament 3-1 and 3-2, netting him 128 ranking points.

Japonawa Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RG|Filipino Champ Dhalsim 128
4th CKD|Babushas Guy 16
5th TJ Alexis C. Viper 8
5th OFC|Pnoy M. Bison 8
7th WL| Chris King Vega 4
7th Hiro Blanka 4
9th Kira Fei Long 2
9th BT|Angelic Makoto 2
9th TL|Neto Ryu 2
9th PG.PV|Laceysan Gouken 2
13th Betesda Zangief 1
13th XTR.ST|Koopa Sakura 1
13th PRK Peque Fei Long 1
13th Xtr|Llamitas Gen 1

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament X, taking place in Chicago, USA, was the second ranking event happening over the same weekend. With this being the last UFGT, as well as the last U.S. major to host AE 2012, around 300 players showed up looking to battle it out. With Ryan Hart, EG|PR Balrog, EG|Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Wolfkrone and other strong players in attendance, it was anyone’s guess as to who would take 1st. After the dust had settled, it was Ryan Hart who took Wolfkrone out 3-1 in winner’s finals and 3-0 in grand finals to not only clinch his second tournament on U.S. soil this year, but also take home another 128 ranking points.

UFGT X Top 16 Results

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st Ryan Hart Sagat 128
2nd Wolfkrone C. Viper 64
3rd EG|Justin Wong Rufus 32
4th CEO|CJ Truth Fei Long 16
5th 801 Strider Abel 8
5th FRQ|Filipinoman Rose 8
7th PxG|iRedman Guy/Rose 4
7th EG|K-Brad Cammy 4
9th Mike Ross E. Honda 2
9th EG|Ricky Ortiz Rufus 2
9th EMP|NuckleDu Guile/Cammy 2
9th GG|NYChrisG Sakura 2
13th AG|Glitch Rufus 1
13th EG|PR Balrog Balrog/Evil Ryu 1
13th CCG|Air Ryu/Guy 1
13th LU|Alex Valle Ryu 1

Now that USFIV will be the tournament standard moving forward, it will be interesting to see whether we will start seeing new names at the top or if the current point leaders will maintain their placement.