FV CUP 2017 Results: Taiwan’s ZOWIE|Oil King takes 1st Place!

FV CUP 2017 Results

FV Cup 2017, held on September 23rd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has concluded and Taiwan’s ZOWIE|Oil King has taken 1st place. This is Oil King’s first win of the CPT season but he’s having a phenomenal year with many top 8 finishes to his credit. Hong Kong’s Tse444 took 2nd place and Humanbomb, also from Hong Kong, took 3rd place. Now let’s take a look at the full FV CUP 2017 results for top 16.

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

FV CUP 2017 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st ZOWIE|Oil King Rashid 160
2nd Tse4444 Balrog 100
3rd Humanbomb Chun-Li 70
4th DNG|Tachikawa Ibuki/Dhalsim 40
5th YBK|Daikoku Go Birdie 20
5th Talon|Hotdog29 M.Bison 20
7th Scarz HORI|Sako Akuma 10
7th Saisak Karin 10
9th VS|Book Ken 5
9th RZR|Infiltration Juri 5
9th FV|Chuan Guile 5
9th Tomo M.Bison 5
13th VS|Battousai Akuma 1
13th Talon|Saunic Laura 1
13th Talon|Denesis M.Bison 1
13th Ash Vega 1