PREMIER EVENT: Capcom Pro Tour – Latin America Finals

“The Last Chance” Last Chance Qualifiers and Top 16 Results!

“The Last Chance”, the Last Chance Qualifier for the Capcom Pro Tour – Latin America Finals is over and the results are in. Innova|Keoma and SFT|Dark817, who took 1st and 2nd place respectively, have earned the 2 qualifying spots to the Latin America Regional Finals which will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd!

“The Last Chance” Last Chance Qualifier: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters
1st Innova|Keoma Karin
2nd SFT|Dark817 Alex
3rd AAG|DidimoKOF Dhalsim
4th DM|Baek Nash
5th ChanchoKay Laura
5th Tubarao Necalli
7th NFMS|Rens Necalli/Ryu
7th AAG|Pr3da Urien
9th Boss|PauloSP Cammy
9th Paulow3b Laura
9th AAG|MrCodi Necalli
9th Chocotone Urien
13th Maije
13th Z4HKdesh
13th PATOZ|Xitao Nash
13th SFT|Fabinho Zangief

Capcom Pro Tour – Latin America Finals

The second of four Regional Finals for the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour season, the Capcom pro Tour – Latin America Finals, takes place over two days in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “The Last Chance”, the CPT Latin America Last Chance Qualifier, is an open tournament that will take place on October 29th. The players who take the top two spots will move on to the Capcom Pro Tour – Latin America Finals on November 2nd. These two players will join the other 14 players who have already earned a qualifying spot at the Latin America Finals by winning a Regional Ranking Event throughout the year in a 16 player Final where first place earns a qualifying spot at Capcom Cup 2016!

You can find more detailed information on the Capcom Pro Tour Latin America Finals in the announcement post here.

NOTE: As per the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour Rules, no Ranking Points are awarded for this event (Last Chance Qualifier or Finals).

Prominent Players Expected to Attend the Last Chance Qualifier (Oct 29th)(In No Particular Order):

Innova|Keoma AAG|DidimoKOF
Rens SFT|Tubarao

14 Players Qualified for Latin America Finals by Winning Regional Ranking Events:

Player Country Qualifying Event
FCBR|RobKOF Brazil Jam Festival 2016
Brook|Misterio Chile Lima Salty 3
EVB|Chris Tatarian USA Japonawa 2016
EG|K-Brad USA The Fight 2016
Ericke Piquet da S. Maciel Brazil SANA 2016
Kusanagi Latin America Online Ranking Event: Latin America One
Melty|Will2Pac France Furia Tica 2016
DM|Baek Argentina Argentina Pro Gaming Series 2016
SOA|Brolynho Brazil Fight in Rio: Olympia
GAM|DR Ray Dominican Republic Online Ranking Event: Latin America Two
MJ|Gama Mexico Thunderstruck 4
SP|Crossover Dominican Republic Fighting Fest 2016
PandaTV|Dark Jiewa China Never Give Up 2016
SFT|Dark817 Brazil TRETA 2016

Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Brazil BRT)
Last Chance Qualifier (Oct 29th) Starts 5:30AM Starts 8:30AM Starts 10:30AM
LATAM Finals (Nov 2nd) Starts 6AM Starts 9AM Starts 11AM
LATAM Finals Grand Finals (Nov 2nd) Starts 3PM Starts 6PM Starts 8PM

Live Stream

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