EGX 2016

Coming in hot after last week’s Premier Event, Japan Cup 2016, we take you to Birmingham, England for EGX 2016, the next Premier Event in the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour season! Top players from around the world have traveled to EGX to take part. Just take a look at the partial list of players below to see the level of competition that will be present. You won’t want to miss any of this, so be sure to grab a cold one (or some coffee depending on where you are watching from in the world!) and settle in for some incredible Street Fighter V play!

Official Website:

Prominent Players Expected to Attend (In No Particular Order):

ZOWIE|GamerBee BST|Daigo Umehara
BX3.TP-Link|Phenom EG|K-Brad
PRLS|Packz HF UM|Gunslinga
Ryan Hart (Prodigal Son) PRLS|Afii
MD|Mister Crimson UM|ImStillDaDaddy
Kilmor RB|Luffy
Rize|Infexious CBZ|Onuki
RB|Bonchan HF UM|Hurricane
PxP|Problem X Melty|Will2Pac
AWS|Akainu RB|Snake Eyez
AWS|CCL Rize|Cobelcog

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Live Stream Schedule:

Pacific Eastern Local (Birmingham England)
Pools (Friday) Start 3AM Start 6AM Start 11AM
Pools (Saturday) Start 3AM Start 6AM Start 11AM
Top 32 (Sunday) Start 3AM Start 6AM Start 11AM
Top 8 (Sunday) Start 6AM Start 9AM Start 2PM

Live Stream

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