RANKING EVENT: Geek Weekend 2016 Results – Japan’s MOV wins 3rd Ranking Event of season!

Geek Weekend 2016 Results

Geek Weekend 2016, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from October 7th through 8th has concluded and Japan’s MOV has won his 3rd Ranking Event of the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour season! MOV is having a great year so far, and with this 128 Ranking Points has put himself into an excellent position to qualify for Capcom Cup 2016 with points. However, there are several events left in the season and several of them are Premier Events so time will tell. Algeria’s FA|Big Bird has taken 2nd place and China’s PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, who is traveling a lot this year and putting in the work, has taken 3rd place. Now let’s take a look at the Geek Weekend 2016 Results!

If you couldn’t catch the live stream, also be sure to check out our videos page to watch some of the amazing match videos from the event once they become available!

Here are the top 16 results for the event:

Geek Weekend 2016 Results: Top 16

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st MOV Chun-Li 128
2nd FA|Big Bird Ken 64
3rd PandaTV|Dark Jiewa Ken 32
4th Fruit Laura/Chun-Li 16
5th FA|Hamood Chun-Li 8
5th Zentetsu Dhalsim 8
7th DIM|Shin Laura 4
7th HS|Horsemask M.Bison 4
9th GxC|Damascus Ibuki 2
9th GTR Ryu/Alex 2
9th Ashtaq Raju Ken 2
9th FA|AngryBird Ryu 2
13th HS|IcyBoi Vega 1
13th DarkFellow Ken 1
13th FA|Onii Musaa Ken 1
13th HS|White-AshX Karin 1