RANKING TOURNAMENT: Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier Results

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier was held this weekend in Shanghai, China. Due to limitations at the venue there was no live stream, so stay tuned to our videos page or to https://www.youtube.com/gamestartasia.

Congratulations to RZR|Xian for taking first place, and earning 128 valuable Ranking Points! Here are the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier Results:

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RZR|Xian Gen 128
2nd Qanba|Xiao Hai Evil Ryu/Cammy 64
3rd MCZ|Tokido Akuma 32
4th CCG|HumanBomb Sakura 16
5th Qanba|Dakou Evil Ryu 8
5th DouyuTV|QQEL El Fuerte 8
7th KOK Rufus 4
7th RZR|Fuudo Fei Long 4
9th DouyuTV|God of Sky Vega 2
9th Chengfei Decapre 2
9th AbAb Abel 2
9th Xiaolong M.Bison 2
13th DouyuTV|HurtchVR Evil Ryu 1
13th DouyuTV|Abang Gouken 1
13th GZ-Ben Fei Long 1
13th Dark Jiewa Ken 1