RANKING TOURNAMENT: Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier

Event Information:

The next stop in Capcom Pro Tour 2015 is China, with the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Shanghai Qualifier! There are a lot of big name players from Asia coming to compete for valuable Ranking Points! The winner will also get a qualifying spot at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals being held November 13th through 15th in Singapore at GameStart 2015!

Official Website: https://www.beastapac.com/

Players Attending (Partial List In No Particular Order):

RZR|Xian MCZ|Tokido
Qanba|Xiao Hai RZR|Fuudo
Tonpy Qanba|Dakou
KOK Misse
Dark Jiewa QiuQiuKOF

Tournament Schedule (local Shanghai time):

31st July 2015, 2pm – 10pm (Sony Store) – Qualifier Stage
1st Aug 2015 11:30am (China Joy 2015 SCE Stage) – Grand Finals

Live Stream Not Available

Due to limitations at the venue, there will not be a live stream for CPTA Shanghai Qualifier. The top 8 videos will be uploaded to https://www.youtube.com/gamestartasia.