Rule Addition for Capcom Pro Tour 2015 Season

Hey everyone! We hope you have all been enjoying the amazing action that we’ve seen so far on the Capcom Pro Tour 2015 season. There have been a few questions regarding the Capcom Cup qualifier spots for Premier Tournaments which we want to clear up.

The current Capcom Cup qualifying structure is as follows:

* 16 Premier Events Qualifiers

* 15 Leaderboard Qualifiers

* 1 Previous Year’s Champion

Currently, Premier Tournaments grant one automatic qualifying spot to the winner of the event. The exception to this is if the tournament winner has already qualified, in which case the qualifying spot goes to the next placer in the tournament who has not already qualified.

With top players traveling to more and more tournaments, we have seen situations like at Stunfest, where the third place finisher (in this case, Infiltration) qualifies for Capcom Cup because the top two had already previously qualified (Daigo as NCR Champion, and Momochi as Capcom Cup 2014 Champion).

We want to avoid a situation where the top 4 finishers in a Premier Tournament have already previously qualified for Capcom Cup, and the spot goes to the two competitors tied for 5th. We do not believe there is a fair way to break this tie and determine who to award the Capcom Cup spot to, so we will be implementing a new rule, effective immediately, for the rest of the season:

* In the event the top 4 or more finishers of a double elimination format Premier Tournament have already qualified for Capcom Cup, the automatic qualifying spot for that event will be eliminated. Instead, an additional qualifying spot on the leaderboard will be added.

o EXAMPLE: At the next Premier Tournament, the top 4 finishers consist of players who have already qualified for Capcom Cup. The automatic qualifying spot for that event is eliminated and another spot for the leaderboard opens up. The Capcom Cup qualifying structure now changes to:

* 16->15 Premier Events Qualifiers

* 15->16 Leaderboard Qualifiers

* 1 Previous Year’s Champion

We believe this is the fairest way to determine Capcom Cup participants and it will reward those who put in the work to accumulate points over the course of the entire year. Prize money and everything else will not be affected in any way.

Please note this will also not affect the CPT Asia Finals, as that event is round robin and not double elimination, thus avoiding the tied for 5th, 7th, etc, issue.

Here’s to an exciting rest of the season!